Blood Bond (Dirty Blood, book 3) by Heather Hildenbrand – book cover, description, publication history. Blood Bond by Heather Hildenbrand, now you can read online. Chapter One. Wood Point Academy crawled with bodies. And even though they weren’t killer. Written by Heather Hildenbrand, narrated by Kelly Pruner. Download and keep this book for Free with a 30 day Trial.

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Alex makes his feelings obvious to her, but he ho This chapter of the story brings Tara closer to the animal she carries within her as she discovers she is being hunted by the new hybrids. Now I am desperately waiting to get my hands on the next book.

Her different voice, particularly for the female characters, were amazing and diverse! As much as I like Alex, I don’t like him with Tara. Once Tara figures out that her blood holds a lot of power and secrets she has to make some sacrifices for the Hybrids. First he had to deal with the bond with George and know heatber dozen more wolfs.

Blood Rule

Awesome I can’t believe it, but each book has been better than the one before it. I love George too and he grows so much in this story and Tara right along with him.

In all, this is another winner from this author. Tara’s life is changing quicker than she likes, yet he stays true to who she is. They manage to make it hjldenbrand not before they are once again attacked by hybrids.

After exiting the pond heater are attacked by a band of hybrids leaving fifteen year old Bailey. If you are looking for an entertaining and entertaining werewolf series that is original and thrilling, definitely check out the Dirty Blood Series. She makes the world the author created come alive. Heather Hildenbrand tore my heart in shreds every time I had to watch Tara visit Alex in the hospital and he remained in his coma.


As a teenager, she bucks all the decisions her parents and the author adult members of The Cause try to impose on her, even though you, as the reader, want to Another great book by the author. Also, although it’s painfully obvious that Wes and Tara are “destined” to end up together, I have a huge soft hildenbbrand for the underdog.

While she tortures Cord, she makes Tara give the hybrids her blood so they also become hybrids. The Dirty Blood series is one that has never let me down and I can definitely say hildenband one kicked the suspense into high gear!

Blood Bond (Dirty Blood, book 3) by Heather Hildenbrand

Who is behind all of this you might ask? The Dirty Blood series captivated me from the start. He also doesn’t become to jealous with Alex any longer, bloof he knows that Tara loves him more hether Alex.

I love the world Ms Hildenbrand build for the Dirty Blood series! I enjoyed the new twists and characters, and I’m looking forward to seeing what happens next. They have a bond whether they want one or not. As seems to be a trend with me lately, I so love the grandmother best.

Gordon Steppe, the leader of CHAS is out to eliminate all werewolves, regardless of the treaty, and Tara and Wes have become his number one targets. Let me just say, I devoured the whole thing in a single sitting.


Unfortunately, there was way too many depressing moments and hlood enough of the levity that has made the prior books so wonderful. Blood Bond Dirty Blood series Book 3.

Beside the slow beginning I found there was often discrepancies within the story. The battles they face, the losses they endure, and the strength it takes to overcome the situations that were thrown their way. More hybrids ar We left off where Tara returned home from Woodpoint Academy.

But true love survives right? For somebody who isn’t a big fan of werewolf stories I am completely and utterly addicted and obsessed with this series. Jul 04, Nikki rated it it was amazing Shelves: You are in for a darn good ride. Sometimes Blood Bond is not a good thing. Heather brings so many things to life and even through all the “I will kill you hildenbrannd you kill me” there is a romance between Tara and Wes.

I loved the secondary characters just as much as the heroine and read until the wee hours of the morning because I wanted to know what happened next.

I love this series. The questions is why?

Blood Bond

I’m not going anywhere. The Audio Flow The whole book just blew me away. There is just something about the danger, action, love and wolves that just keeps you going in this book.