But, in Great Britain, Professor Mortimer, inventor of a mysterious weapon named the Swordfish, and his friend and protector Captain Blake. The captain and the professor have finally made it to the secret base with the Swordfish blueprints, and construction has begun on the extraordinary machines. The first book is, to give it its full title, The Adventures Of Blake And Mortimer: The Secret Of The Swordfish Part 1- The Incredible Chase.

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Secret of the Swordfish Pt. Secret of the Swordfish Pt. The Curse of the 30 Pieces of Silver, Part 1 v. The Secret Swlrdfish The Swordfish Part 1- Swcret Incredible Chase is much fresher than I would have expected a nearly 70 year old adventure story to be and, of course, for Blake and Mortimer fans it is a genuine curiosity to see the early days of both the characters and the books.

The Secret of the Swordfish, Part 2 v. In the meantime Blake attempts to recover the hidden Swordfish plans before mounting an attempt to rescue Mortimer from captivity.

In the following week, open rebellions erupt worldwide, taxing the overextended resources of the Yellow to the limit until the Emperor decides to end the war by launching ICBMs against all the rebel targets with Olrik strapped to one of the rockets as punishment for his failures.

This website uses cookies to improve your experience. News, reviews, interviews and features for print and on-line: I’d like to read this book on Kindle Don’t have a Kindle? The last scene shows Blake and Mortimer back in a ruined and destroyed London, with Blake commenting that they will rebuild and that civilization, once again, has had the last word—”hopefully, this time, for good.

Inthe first 18 pages were redrawn and reduced to 17 pages—giving more details on the background of the events leading up to the main plot—and the first half of the story was published as the very first comic album by publisher Lombardin the later famous Collection du Lombard. By using our website you agree to our use of cookies.


He is himself then captured by Yellow troops, but not before he is able to find and conceal the plans. Chavanne, Renaud October Home Contact Us Help Free sworcfish worldwide.

Slings & Arrows

The cold war with the Tibetan Yellow Empire has turned hot and the rest of the world has fallen to an overwhelming onslaught by Empire forces. Oc Read Edit View history.

Mortimer suggests a drastic solution; swordfisj all the base’s efforts on the assembly of only two working Swordfish, which should be enough to destroy a Yellow invasion force. Cinebook Ltd republished these three volumes in And its the second of a 3-parter, so best to have the other 2 albums. There are text boxes that should be read first positioned at the bottom of some panels while the order the speech bubbles should be read in is not always the order more modern eyes would use.

Other books in this series. The Secret Of The Swordfish as a whole reminds me of the first Dan Dare story which began in Eagle inthen eecret but which we now call Voyage To Venusblakw also ran for some two years.

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But Blake and Mortimer get out of England on their way to a secret English base in the Middle East to complete the secret weapon. The most distinguished duo of gentleman-adventurers, battling the forces of evil and their arch nemesis, Olrik, around the globe, below the earth, even across time itself The Best Books of Within the first few pages of the book, the Yellow launch a worldwide aggression with modern rockets, bombers and paratroopers that ghe destroy and swordcish the world’s other major powers.

It describes how a far eastern empire takes over the world and the adventures of two Britons as they try to bring about the development of a weapon which will enable them to fight back. The base is saved, and Sir William Grey launches a radio call to the resistance movements of the world telling them the news and urging them to revolt.


In Review: Blake & Mortimer – Secret Of The Swordfish 1 –

Write a product review. Audible Download Audio Books. This is being lead by Professor Mortimer. We use cookies to give you the best possible experience.

Over months Olrik interrogates Mortimer in an attempt to discover the secret of the Swordfish and where the plans for it were hidden during his capture. In England, they are working on a secret weapon, the Swordfish. The Sarcophagi of the Sixth Continent, Part 1 v. But the forces of the Yellow Empire are hot on their trail, and soon Mortimer is captured. See our Returns Policy.

The most distinguished duo of gentleman-adventurers, battling the forces of evil and their arch nemesis, Olrik, around the globe, below the earth, even across time itself While Blake works tirelessly at coordinating the various resistance movements on the planet, the professor is forced to endure captivity, threats and torture from their eternal enemy, Olrik.

However their aircraft is shot down and while an injured Blake manages to make it to the base, Mortimer is captured by Colonel Olrik of the Empire forces.

Yes, this is really 2, not To modern eyes both stories are on the long side and with early, and somewhat cruder, artwork than readers would get used to, yet both inspired long running series that modern publishers have shown a willingness to return to both with reprints and new tales.

Soon kortimer this, acts of sabotage begin to disrupt the base, and Blake suspects that one of the captured scientists was actually a Yellow mole.

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