It is early and Biopure Corp., a small biopharmaceutical firm with no sales revenues in its ten-year history, has just received government approval to. Biopure enters the field of blood substitutes: Human market – Hemopure; Veterinary market – Oxyglobin; Oxyglobin already received final FDA. Biopure Corp. case study. John T. Gourville. Save; Share. Save; Share. Format. PDF Hardcopy Black & White. Format. PDF, Hardcopy.

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Biopure Corp. – Case – Harvard Business School

Finance Globalization Health Care. He can only estimate these price points based on the market price. Widely regarded as the most prestigious professional tennis tournament in the world and contested each year corpooration two weeks in late June and early July, Wimbledon, in many ways, had changed little over the years. What should Biopure do regarding the commercial release of Oxyglobin?

Due to Rejection Due to Expiration Total: Just because products are identical does not mean that the company prices separately; it is all about the supply and demand.

Once Oxyglobin achieves its purpose for animals and satisfies the veterinary doctors and pet owners, the success of this product will help Biopure to easily launch Hemopure and attract the human market. Here suppose the percentage in dogs practice can be broadly representative d Unit each animal needs: What is the market potential for Oxyglobin in the animal market and Hemopure in the human market?


Andy Wright and his team can have a successful launch for Oxyglobin by implementing the followings: So we think this is negative impact. Oxyglobin would generate the first revenues that Biopure could use to launch Hemopure. At odds are those in charge of Oxyglobin, who want to see the animal product released immediately, and those in charge of the Hemopure, who worry that an immediate release of Oxyglobin would create an unrealistically low price expectation for what they feel should be a very high-margin human product.

Finance General Management Marketing. Oxyglobin is the first new blood substitute for the veterinary market and is ready for consumer use. Predicting Diffusion John Gourville One job of product managers, marketers, strategic planners, and other corporate executives is to predict what the demand will be for a new product. Cite View Details Educators Related.

Biopure Corp.

Technology and Operations Management. We also have to cover the selling expenses. However, some queries on the products we see they are indeed the existence of these links. Biopure Corporation has two new products that are Oxyglobin and Hemopure.

Cite View Details Educators. Slazenger had been the official and only supplier of tennis corporarion since Instead of making a contract with one of the distributors, Biopure should consider of distributing Oxyglobin by using its salesforces.

In response clrporation the timing of approval for these two products, there has been a long-running debate within Biopure as how to proceed with Oxyglobin. Remember me on this computer. A virtually identical product for the human market, Hemopure, is in the final stages of testing by Biopure and is expected to gain approval within one to two years.

If the competitors want to get a share for animal blood substitutes, they have to wait at least for two years. Click here to sign up.


Be corpofation and focus on target markets. So we can choose to price based on critical case. Strategic Marketing Management Name: All in all, as the first mover in this market, the Company should try their best to increase market penetration as soon as possible, even if selling the product at loss. Exacerbating the problem is the nature of the biopharmaceutical industry, where product approval is never a certainty until hiopure.

The raw material will cost 1. Ted Jacobs, vice president for Human Clinical Trials, is concerned about creating an unrealistic price expectation for Hemopure by marketing Oxyglobin before Hemopure. Business and Environment Business History Entrepreneurship. A strictly enforced ban on any player clothing other than white dated back to the s.

We noted that our pricing for Oxyglobin probably should be between the second question we have detailed presentation of this specific product pricing principles and price. We have to ensure the sales team has been well trained and can teach veterinarians how to properly use the product. It would appear that, once the price is bound to make the hospitals, insurance companies, patients feel that this price is too high not to mention Oxyglobin the same company’s products.

Gourville and David Arnold.