Furthermore, control tests were performed to demonstrate the effect of A. ferrooxidans in uranium bioleaching process and showed that the addition of this . PDF | This review describes the involvement of different microorganisms for the recovery of uranium from the ore. Mainly Acidithiobacillus forrooxidans. initial work on uranium bioleaching in the early s was taken to prevent oxidation rate of iron that may affect uranium’s microbial leaching.

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Continued Multicolumns Bioleaching for Low Grade Uranium Ore at a Certain Uranium Deposit

The analysis of chemical composition of ore shows that the grade of uranium is 0. The irrigation is powered by a peristaltic pump. The peaks for the control column and the 1st column are much lower than the later columns.

Irrigation method is that one day we use bacteria as irrigation solution after domestication by air in 24 hours for increasing the activity of bacteria and also increasing the redox potential, and the next day we use PLS from the former column which contains ferrous iron as the nutrition for those iron oxidizing bacteria in order to help the bacteria grow in the ore.

In acidification stage, therefore, the acid concentration should be decreased as well. In the acidification period, there occurs a uranium concentration peak. Microbial leaching of uranium and other trace elements from shale mine tailings at Ranstad.


In this type of ore, many minerals such as pyrite and urinate belong to reduced substances.

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Table of Contents Alerts. In this paper, a continued column bioleaching system has been established for leaching a certain uranium ore which contains high fluoride.

Fluoride element analysis of the sample by potassium hydroxide digestion and measurement by fluoride electrode indicated that fluoride weight is high 1. After bioleaching period, redox potentials of PLS are significantly higher than the correspondence leaching solutions.

This indicates that the bacteria grow well in these columns. A bioleachinh that has not been considered thus far bioleacing the tank bioleaching of uranium concentrates.

A Text Book of Inorganic Analysis. Bioleachijg, the peak of 4th column is the highest one and that of the 3rd column is the second. Furthermore, this continued multicolumns bioleaching system can effectively utilize the remaining acid of PLS, which can reduce the sulfuric acid consumption. In China, hard-rock-type uranium such as granite-type deposits are using heap leaching widely in industry. Indexed in Science Citation Index Expanded. Published online Mar 9.

The uranium recovery is highly leached For introduction of bacterial leaching process at uranium leaching can enhance the kinetics of leaching and strengthen its process, bioleaching has been paid great attention in uranium industry in recent years. However, the fluoride content 1. In recent years, there has bioleachihg an upsurge in uranium exploration across the globe, driven by a renewed interest in nuclear energy and higher uranium prices.


In most cases, uranium on the Witwatersrand occurs as uraninite, which requires an oxidative leach for its extraction. Furthermore, when the pyrite is dissolved or, more precisely, is oxidized, ferric iron is produced which biolesching offer good oxidizing for those reduced-type uranium minerals.

The test process and the specific implementation process are as follows: The bacteria are also known to be motile by means of a single polar flagellum.

Uranium Bioleaching – MINTEK | MINTEK

In the leaching progress, they can be oxidized by ferric iron or O 2 of the solution [ 13 ]. Acidithiobacillus ferrooxidans is Gram-negative bacteria [ 8 ], characterized by nonsporulating rods, 0.

Chemical and mineralogical composition of the ore sample used in column bioleaching. National Center for Biotechnology InformationU. During this experiment, both redox potentials of irrigating solution and PLS are measured in each day. Afer d of leaching, the last column was unloaded out of this system and a new column was added in.

To receive news and publication updates for Journal of Nanomaterials, enter your email address in the box below. It can have certain influence on the growth of microorganisms.

Therefore, high Eh value is good benefit for oxidizing fourth valence uranium [ 15 ].

There exist consumptive acid minerals such as calcite chemical analysis of the weight of CO 2 1.