Bentley CloudWorx quickly delivers accurate and comprehensive as-built models into the hands of designers and engineers. CloudWorx as-built models are. Bentley CloudWorx: Product Description Open very large point-clouds (up to 1 billion) directly within PDS* Use the PDS tools to View, Rotate, Zoom at. The most important new features of CloudWorx for MicroStation are. Compatibility with Bentley CloudWorx and Earlier Versions.

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CloudWorx overcomes this with its powerful TruSpace viewing window.

Synchronize terrain models with source data such as DGN files, point-cloud data, and more. Use high-fidelity imaging tools to support cloudaorx mapping and engineering. This integration provides streaming that helps you work with extremely large files.

It then used MicroStation renderings of the project to communicate capacity, avalanche control, and safety improvements to decision makers and the public. Get in contact with us for more information about our laser scanning portfolio. Santa Clara Bentley software automated the process of creating detailed 3D models of roads, saving the effort of three 3D modelers working continuously for six months, at a cost of USDYou benefit from the ability to: Contact us about Laser Scanning today!

Use and display very large terrain models to increase return on investment on large datasets.


Leica CloudWorx for MicroStation | Leica Geosystems

Louis high-speed rail corridor. Layers, GeoTags, Assets and more. Bentley Descartes Data Sheet View.

Visualize and edit point clouds with billions of points, changing their classification, color and removing or editing points. Bentley Pointools View High-performance visualization, annotation, and presentation of point-cloud models. Airport Infrastructure Facilities Management Sydney Airport leverages Bentley software to launch a self-service, facilities management system which gives employees quick, easy access to design and geospatial data, and improves information mobility.

Case Studies Read how customers from around the world are putting our diverse solutions into action to shape smart change. Leica CloudWorx for MicroStation is the most efficient and popular plug-in software for using as-built point cloud data — captured by laser scanners — directly within MicroStation. Bentley Descartes Bringing reality into your modeling. Localised in the following languages: Users take advantage of the familiar MicroStation interface and tools to shorten the learning curve for working with laser scan data.

Leica CloudWorx and the powerful Leica Cyclone and new Leica JetStream point cloud engines let MicroStation users efficiently visualise and process large point cloud data sets.

With Descartes you can extend your capabilities to extract value from reality modeling data of any scale through the ability to: UCB SA ContextCapture enabled the team to have better visibility and decision-making support on this environmental project to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

Set image size and scales using output rulers, scale, and positioning for accurate reuse. Display scalable terrain models in a variety of modes, such as smooth shading with shadows, aspect angle, elevation, slope, contours, and more.


Manipulate reality meshes and scalable terrain models with hundreds of millions of triangles. Efficiently clip and section point cloud and reality meshes to streamline vector extraction. Advanced Processing for 3D Imagery Cloudwotx the most of your reality modeling data with the ability to integrate point clouds, reality meshes, scalable digital terrain models, and raster imagery into your infrastructure workflows.

Take advantage of immediate editing of raster data to improve the quality of your project deliverables. Extract break lines, paint lines, surfaces, planes, cylinder, and cylinder center lines from reality meshes and point clouds.

Work in hybrid workflows using raster and vector editing, cleanup, and processing tools to vectorize legacy documents.

Bentley CloudWorx

Lower costs associated with data maintenance by readily using legacy raster drawings in your workflow. Import, retouch, and export meshes in many formats.

Using ProjectWise reduces the risk of mismanaging your data and helps maintain document integrity. Cascade Tunnel Bentlwy J.