Beguiled (Immortal Essence) by RaShelle Workman – book cover, description, publication history. Venus has become immortal, just as she always wanted. In the process she hurt Zaren, lost Michael, and destroyed her family. At least that’s what she believed. Buy a cheap copy of Beguiled book by RaShelle Workman. Free shipping over $

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I can absolutely understand why people don’t rate this very high, because it IS a bit rough at first. I guess the author was just trying to have a good twist at the end but to have Venus completely in love with Zaren the entire book then on the last page all of a sudden she realized oh that wasn’t “true” love.

When RaShelle isn’t writing, she enjoys baking, creating new taco recipes, and watching Supernatural. I really liked that. Didn’t have the same feel to it and detail.

I mean, I used to think I would never read about aliens. Created by Delight Games. Goodreads helps rsshelle keep track of books you want to read. She must complete three trials. What happened since the end of the previous book? Return to Book Page.

Meiner Meinung nach wurde hier Potenzial verschwendet, da kein richtiger Showdown eintritt. It would be very easy for the heroine, who is in a love triangle workkan two worthy love interests, and battling an evil force to become cliche.


Beguiled (Immortal Essence #4) by RaShelle Workman

Alix rated it did not like it Dec 27, I’ve read about one-hundred books since I read the first book in this series, and it’s inevitable that I’ve grown as a reader since that time.

Although I loved the overall idea of the book, it might be better if the characters are well-developed, and the writing better. Hope to make indiechat!

The same goes for Zaren. I know this was a long review, but I wanted to really lay out why I didn’t end up finishing “Beguiled” and why I didn’t like what I read. Have a look at my web site … juicing blending Difference. Well she thought she did until Zaren takes her rwshelle see the Gods where after speaking to both her and Michael rsahelle confirm that she has indeed helped him find his true love her. As to why I didn’t like “Beguiled”: I am really confused about what happened to this book, wor,man how much I enjoyed book 1.

Venus has become immortal, just as she always wanted. Taylor For the original review and more, please visit Marked By Books.

Bad guys rasehlle good guys, Gods were monsters. Actually, this time it is not another one of those strange words that I make up.

Dovetailed by RaShelle Workman

I thought the story was great. He was engaging nonetheless, and provided a good negative aspect to the story. The reader is plunged right into the middle of the tale, which I also like. An alabaster door loomed before me.


Sign up for my book reviewer list and be sent to all publishers and authors that contact me for review requests! I’m actually thinking that maybe it’s me that’s changed, and not the writing style of the novel.

More praise for the Immortal Essence series: Wishes are like the wings on a butterfly-frail and easily destroyed. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Under this name she writes reimagined fairy tales, science fiction, and urban fantasy.

Cover Reveal: Immortal Essence by RaShelle Workman

She must complete three trials. They aren’t always human, but they are the innocents.

Behind them lay the unknown. Hurting Zaren is an unspeakable crime. I’m fairly sure this book is pretty short, but it’s hard to tell without real page numbers.

It just jumped from scene to scene with not much transition.