With more than 20 years of extensive experience in long-term archiving of medical image data, aycan offers aycan universal archive, a vendor-neutral archiving. Several features/plug-ins have been added to aycan’s OsiriX PRO workstation to significantly expand its functionality. The new features will be showcased at. Die aycan Digitalsysteme GmbH ist ein modernes und innovatives System- und Softwarehaus in der Medizintechnikbranche. DICOM Print, DICOM Printer.

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Manual LUT Setup e. Toggle Sliding Bar Area. The image manipulation tool allows you to change the window level and width, zoom in and out, rotate and pan the image.

Image sharpness with EIZO monitors. Free 30 Day Trial. If you have a Mac running OsiriX 3.

aycan OsiriX PRO – Free Demo

For the WADO protocol, the default stored syntax original syntax will be used. To do so, tap and hold the thumbnail of the series to be removed. Advanced hanging protocols, optimized for mammography workflow, ensure a fast and consistent reading of studies. With tools for general diagnostic reading and advanced post-processing, plus certified plug-ins, aycan workstation is the perfect solution wherever there is demand for fast and easy access to medical images. A new series will be created with the selected image.

The first and the last slice of the series is displayed with a yellow line.

Osirkx from Anywhere aycan universal thin client ayycan An FDA-cleared medical device that can be used for primary diagnosis or review purposes, the aycan universal thin client viewer ensures a prompt and reliable way to search, view, and analyze medical images, signals, and video files on computers, smartphones, and tablets. Polygon, Circle, Pencil, Rectangles, Point, etc. The RadiForce RX offers a truly multi-modality monitor capable of displaying various color and monochrome imaging modalities on one screen.


Because aycan is vendor neutral, you can expect to receive the best solution to meet your needs at a cost you can afford.

aycan mobile iPad app

An alert will ask you isirix confirm the deletions of the selected series. From small imaging osiirix to large hospitals, aycan is helping customers improve workflow and reduce costs. Image NOT at full resolution. You can either press on a thumbnail or drag and drop the thumbnail on the view where you want to display the series. Start benefiting from easy, fast, and secure transfer of images from just about anywhere with aycan mobile.

On the next screen you will be able to set the search criteria filter for retrieving the images you want from the remote server or workstation. Contact us to see the possibilities for your area.

Which date and time is used for SC images created with aycan workstation? A full list of plug-ins with FDA clearance and CE Marking are listed on the back page and under each of the following sections as appropriate.

Connect Your Enterprise

The software automatically synchronizes the baseline with the follow-ups for spatially consistent viewing. Improved patient access to services, especially in rural areas.

Additionally, aycan cooperates with other plug-in development companies to provide tested and certified solutions. This includes working with other third party vendors as necessary. The new bookmark manager lets you keep track of your findings and it even stores them into your PACS. Mammography Advanced hanging protocols, optimized for mammography workflow, ensure a fast and consistent reading of studies.

Key tools and functions for dental medicine include: When efficiency is important, viewing mammography specific and PACS software applications on the same screen keeps radiologists from having to wander the halls to their next read. By ayvan on this icon, a list of all series and studies available for the current patient is displayed.

The result of your search will be displayed as a list of studies. Ositix Service is the Difference. JPEG compression protocol is supported on all ‘retrieve’ modes: The current slice is displayed with an orange line.


This list contains all the contacts friends, partners you approved. To delete a preset, tap the “Edit” button in the upper right corner. You can either display a unique viewer or two viewers on the screen. Toggle Acan Bar Area. Sigmoid Nuclear medicine OsiriX PRO handles the drastically increasing number of images produced in nuclear medicine in a fast and reliable way, offering various postprocessing tools for display such as: With the Hanging Protocols you can save display layouts and settings in the 2D and tomosynthesis viewer.

The ayReport plug-in with universally recognized PDF report templates allows easy report completion and sharing. Get clear results with aycan mammography workstation.

aycan workstation – aycan Medical Systems

This tool is selected by default. What Our Customers Are Saying. You are able to send data from the aycan workstation ayMobile plug-in to all the persons you have approved and listed in the application. In that case, OsiriX HD will display the following warning message: Using an iPhone, iPad, or other Osirx IOS device, patients manually enter data or its automatically captured by their medical wearables.

FDA clearance, integration, service, concurrent licensing and other advantages osirox OsiriX PRO provides numerous advantages over open source and other commercial versions of OsiriX including FDA k clearance, which ensures full conformity with existing regulations. Immediate, live, service and support. You can then press on it to apply it. Featuring high definition, high resolution and multi-grayscale, this 5 megapixel monochrome monitor is designed specifically for displaying digital mammography images.

Free 30 Day Trial. The new ayVessel plug-in streamlines this process even more.