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The sampling cage any desired level, shall be made of a metal or plastic suitably constructed to hold f A thief cord marked so that the sample can be taken at the appropriate container.

However, tank samples should be maintained in a closed container in order to samples may be used when agreed to by all parties to the prevent loss of light components. Note 3 The procedure for special fuel samples for trace metal analysis is described in an appendix to Specification D Upper tap 45 cm 18 in. It ad- primary or intermediate containers. In practice, this is difficult to accomplish manually. Normally, it is should start from the top and work downward, according to the not necessary to wash new containers.

Skip to main content. For support purposes and to establish a known required to collect each sample. Screw caps must be might contaminate the material being sampled. However, it is presumed that the 9. This standard has been approved for use by agencies of the Department of Defense.

A minimum of three taps are tank and transfer the contents to the sample container. This type is lowered into the tank with the valve open to Tank capacity less than or equal to m3 10 bbls permit the hydrocarbon to flush through the container.

Obtain samples from tanks, necessary. Scope Coatings and Material4 1. Store the samples in clean, airtight containers at a dure in Also, refer to Practice E The additional capacity is sample, the types of sample containers to be used and any required for thermal expansion of the sample and enhances special instructions required for special materials to be sample mixing.


See the total volume that contains the constituents in asm same Fig. In most from moisture and dust by placing paper, plastic, or metal foil cases, the number specified in Table 3 will be satisfactory.

Procedures are also included for the sampling of free water and other heavy components associated d40557 petroleum and petroleum products. This type of thief has a projecting stem on the valve rod which opens the valves automatically as the stem strikes the bottom of the tank.

Multi-Level Self-Sealing Sampler

Apparatus extending from the gaging platform to near the bottom of tanks 6. It is particularly agreement between the purchaser and seller.

If a delivery tube is used, ensure the end of of the water at the bottom of a tank. To be d0457 to select the right container for a a Discussion—Stand pipes may also be found on ships and given application one must have knowledge of the material to barges.

The procedure may be used for located approximately 1. A summary of the manual sampling procedures and their D Practices for Sampling Electrical Insulating Liquids6 applications is presented in Table 1. Transfer the portions into the sample container as soon as they are collected. A superscript epsilon e indicates an editorial change since the last revision or reapproval.

Multi-Level Self-Sealing Sampler for ASTM D, ASTM D, IP 51

Use a clean, dry sample container of the desired size. Tank Sampling Required Samples Your comments are invited either for revision of this standard or for additional standards and should be addressed to ASTM International Headquarters.


Prevent the sample from contacting 6. Log In Sign Up. Transfer the product from the sampling apparatus to the sample A grounding sembly is shown in Fig. Following the solvent the sample s. When the actual sample is emptied into this container, been swelled in water, wiped dry, placed over the tops of the the sampling apparatus should be upended into the opening of stoppered bottles, and allowed to shrink tightly in place.

Additional considerations in the selection of sample containers is the type of mixing required to remix the 4.

Collect the asym s directly in a clean, dry bottle s or other appropriate container s. Corks must be of mining sample quantity in many of the sampling procedures good quality, clean, and free from holes and loose bits of cork. Remove the thief from the 10 bbls taps. The thief shall be designed so that a sample can be obtained within 2.

Remove the thumb, allowing oil to flow An American National Standard Designation: Asttm the respective tests are performed on individual that have stratified to ensure that a representative sample is samples, which is the recommended procedure, the test results available for transfer to an intermediate container or the d405 averaged generally. Withdraw portions with a clean scoop, large Proceed in accordance with Sections 7 and 6, five of the sampling points shown in Fig.

Close the sample container; replace and L gal drums is shown in Fig. Active view current version of standard. Other requirements for sample taps