voids analysis and stability – flow test. Strength is measured in terms of the ‘ Marshall’s Stability’ of the mix following the specification ASTM D (), which. To design the Asphalt concrete mix using Marshall method. .. Max. Min. Max. Marshall specimens. (ASTM D ). No. of comp. Blows, each end of specimen. (ASTM – D – & MS-2) The original Marshall method is applicable only to hot-mix asphalt paving mixtures containing aggregates with.

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Automatic Marshall Stability Test Machine

Maintenance Spares Technical trainings Warranty Academy. The machine has built-in data acquisition with four channels dedicated to two strain gauge load cells and two potentiometric linear transducers; one of each can be used during the test. Rapid adjustment of the platen can be done by using the up and down buttons located on the front panel.

Each test requires a list of accessories depending on the type of test and on the reference standard. The stability value is calculated regarding this factor.

Iva Company info Privacy policy Automatic Marshall Stability Test Machine. The corrected Marshall stability value of each specimen is determined by applying the appropriate correction factor.

General lab – PC softwares: The compacted specimen should have a thickness of The specific gravity and apparent specific gravity values of the different aggregates, filler and bitumen used are determined first.


The machine is supplied complete with load ring, 30 kN cap. Home To top Share. Laboratory ovens Especially designed for soil, aggregates and asphalt testing, these marsuall models feature all stainless steel internal and external lining, with 60 mm thick insulation, fast heat up,mxrshall to read digital control and forced convection airflow for uniform temperature throughout the oven chamber.

Soil – CBR loading presses: Linear Potentiometric Displacement Transducer, 25×0. U-Touch PRO incorporates a user-friendly interface that shows all existing menu options as buttons and tabs. General lab – Water baths: Universal load frames accessories for soil, asphalt, concrete, cement, mortar and rock testings. Correction Factors for Modified Marshall.

Mould holder provided consisting of spring tension device designed to hold compaction mould centered in place on compaction pedestal.

ASTM D, Test equipment Controls

General lab – Ovens and hot plates: The required quantity of the mix is taken so as to produce a compacted bituminous mix specimen of thickness The machine comprises of a robust, compact two column bench type compression frame with adjustable upper cross beam. The machine is fit with a precision strain gauge load cell and displacement transducer, both connected to the Digimax To determine the stability, flow, voids, voids in mineral aggregates, voids filled with asphalt and density of the asphalt mixture by Marshall stability test.


A suitable bar is required to transfer the load from the proving ring adapter to the extension marshwll while extracting the specimen. Complete with perforated base shelf and cover.

ACPR f1559 perform crack propagation by semi-circular bending test and determination of the indirect tensile strength of bituminous specimens. Marshall compaction moulds All moulds are made from steel, protected against corrosion.

Posted by SatyaPrasad at 1d559 Digital thermoregulator and temperature display, internal and external outer case in stainless steel.

The highest possible Marshall stability values in the mix should be aimed at consistent with the other four requirements mentioned above. The EN covering the Determination of the indirect tensile strength of bituminous mixtures, prescribe a water No external transducer is required for displacement measurement.

The software supports SI, Imperial and kgf unit system.

The original Marshall method is applicable only to hot-mix asphalt paving mixtures containing aggregates with maximum sizes of 25mm or less. The software continously updates load and displacement until the end of test.