INTERNSHIP REPORT ON ASKARI BANK LIMITED . the Bank had equity of Rs. which in turn has resulted in increased competition. 1. Lahore. This internship report includes a complete introduction, performance and financial analysis of the statements of the Askari Bank Limited. Internship Report 1 ALLAMA IQBAL OPEN UNIVERSITY Department of Business Administration INTERNSHIP REPORT ASKARI COMMERCIAL BANK LIMITED.

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With the customer base increasing at a steady rate the deposits are also slowly climbing so there is a good chance for investment by the bank because some of their customers like those from the Armed forces are guaranteed and are a source of huge deposit base.

Business Administration Page 11 5. Economic Analysis The outlook for the Pakistani banking sector remains relatively downbeat despite the potentially vast consumer market in the country.

Just 7 branches at the start of were working, but now in whole Pakistan more than branches of Askari Bank Limited are functioning. I offer my humblest thank to Allah and Hazrat Muhammad PBUH from the deep of my heart that always provide me guidance and blessings which are uncountable. A class of financial metrics that is used to determine a company’s ability to pay off its short-terms debts obligations.

Internship Report on Askari Bank Limited –

Basically clearing department provides the services of collecting cheques from other banks to customers. This strategy is similar to source brand strategy. Liquidity here means the ability to reprt short term loan requirements.

Commercial banking involves activities related to export finance, project finance, leasing, trade finance, guarantees, lending, deposits from corporate customers and bills of exchange, treasury and money market services, locker services.

Internship Report on Askari Bank Limited

They all helped me a lot in each and everything. To Profit before tax 5. I am very great full to my Teachers who always helped me. Credit departments also deals with issuing foreign guarantees in the form of Letters of Credit which is basically a guarantee to a foreign bank for a local account holders in the matters of purchase of merchandise which may range from chemicals to refurbished cars. I preffered to do internship at Askari Bank Limited because it is a well reputed organization and I wanted to learn from an organization which would be productive for organization and me as well.


Acceptance of Cheques from Account Holders: As an internee I got to work in four important sections of the bank namely deposits, bills and remittances, accounts and credit. Expansion of business through mergers and acquisition. Ratios are calculated from current year numbers and are then compared intdrnship previous years, other companies, the industry, or even the economy to judge the performance of the company.

Behavior of employees is very good akari me. Yasir Shah Activities Day Monday A brief introduction of department and its working was given to internahip that what kind of financial and commercial documents are repoet made and maintained for record purposes by bank.

The remarks of returning the cheque are also given in the remarks column against the entry of the relevant cheque in the Inward Clearing Register.

Allied Bank Limited Internship Report. Dedication towards social developments and improvements in quality of life. Before starting internship I use my knowledge about writing CV that I read in business communication and after starting I observed usage of business communication while communicating and writing business letters.

Deposit department is where the accounts are opened, clients are served and are provided with basic information about banking that ranges from simple information like opening an account to investing in the various investment opportunities that a bank provides.

Business Administration Page 15 Customer is a source of fresh deposits therefore is welcomed by the banker. In This week just know how work done in the various departments in the bank Like: The cheque returned is entered in the Cheques Returned Register as per columns of the said Register.


In this report I gave the introduction of bank and its department its products and services. Types of non-funded credit facilities: Agricultural banking products and services are offered across the country through efficient delivery channels under a control mechanism with minimum turnaround time for loan application approvals. The minimum level of balance for businesses is Rs.

After authentication by advisory bank forward letter of credit to the exporter under covering letter. Branches are required to maintain minimum surplus cash balance on daily basis. This financing helps farmers make the optimum use of the limited water resources and overcome the scarcity of water. Since inception, the bank has concentrated on growth through improving service quality, investment in technology and people, utilizing its extensive branch network which includes Islamic and Agricultural banking.

Business Administration Page 37 The amount is required as a portion of borrower capital or for any project. So same in the case with Askari Bank it carries some weaknesses. Bank has played an important role in the improvement of economy by providing commercial, Islamic and agricultural banking services rate but growth rate is little bit slow due to competitors.

Service is provided according to customer expectations.

Activity Checking; Business Administration Reporg 30 Checks all the debit and credit transactions and vouchers of the branch and in case of errors send them back to concerned department for correction. Pay order issued by one branch is payable from the same branch. It is a term deposit account in which the money has to be placed for a certain period of time and is offered only to Pakistani citizens.