The Arvus Lighter is a small shuttle craft mentioned in the DH . Just make up something a bit bigger and modify the Arvus rules slightly. Kaihlik. Crimson Fists Rules, New White Dwarf, Vostroyans Return & More! Again, the Arvus Lighter is cheap and carries cheap troops, so it is a joy to. I want to buy the forge world arvus lighter sometime around chrismtas DO NOT post full rules quotes from the BRB or Codexs, as we do not.

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Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community. The shuttle can be modified to carry special types of cargo, such as replacing the cargo bay with a fuel tanker or expanding it to carry larger loads. But this is a labour of love. The Arvus Lighter is a small shuttle craft mentioned in the DH Vehicle Apocrypha Forge World do a model of it as well and it is mentioned as being able to carry twelve passengers or “several tonnes” of cargo.

This stuff is amazing, you should build a warhound titan, i would love to see how arvis would turn out. Before this model moves in your Movement phaseyou can declare it will hover. These will serve a dual purpose. In any case, the engines are sourced from easily available plumbing supplies, but the rest is just scratchbuilt from styrene sheet and evergreen styrene stock.

The Arvus can also be used to transport cargo and personnel already on the planet to different locations on the surface if the terrain is too treacherous. Meet-up for games X-post. The first time this unit is set up, all models in this unit must be placed within 6″ of each other.


It seems fairly lackluster. That is probably the best scratchbuilt thing I have seen, and the quality succeeds that of forgeworld You are ruled kind. Bar Been Around the Block. They are fairly expensive. Regarding the Arvus Im tempted to buy it anyway, if only for a display piece. Forum adverts like this one are shown to any user who is not logged in. Just enough to give a bit of atmosphere when you are looking into the craft. Retrieved from ” https: The roof is also roughed up and added in place.

Arvus Lighter – Capacity – any ideas or thoughts? – Dark Heresy – FFG Community

The flyer makes a lovely terrain piece though and their easy to paint lots of big flat surfaces and sharp corners. At 75 points and a transport option of Imperial Guard a cheap armyit is possible to have a veritable fleet of Arvus Lighters screening your army against the llighter hordes of enemies while your guns blaze away without fear of assaults. Indeed – and that’s what I’ll end up doing. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities.

Question about Forge World’s Arvus Lighter self. I have seen one painted in a heavily gules off-white with red detail stripes.

As i don’t game, i don’t have any IG figures. Ads by Project Wonderful! That’ll be a no then! Okay the ship looks great so far, however the minis you added into the shots is just plain awesome. As long as the edges line aarvus.

So if your flyer is shaken or there is no good place to put it on the board, just move it off and bring it on again next turn. Use it as something that drives a special scenario, or better yet, make ruled an objective in a game.


This was however not always the case, as numerous accounts testify that during the Great Crusade-era an armed variant of the Arvus has lighteer use extensive use in support of Solar Auxilia Cohorts.

I am not a gamer at all, but i like the vehicle designs of the warhammer universe. There is so many other considerations when strapping something like a Rhino to an Arvus anyway than just could the Rhino surive it. I haven’t got a mold for the canopy if that’s your question. Looks really stellar, where ever it comes from.

I wanted to get the Arvus myself but realized it was too small for what I wanted. On a roll of a 6, it immediately regains a lighyer wound. Seems to me that you should be refereeing and handing out red cards–like a boss. This page was last modified on 25 Marchat On face value it does not look too impressive.

Arvus Lighter

These may be discarded later if i make something cooler. This image is also attached inline further down this post. Its in section 5, the second download from the top, page 84 of the rulebook and 27 of the PDF. This is one of those great projects that just snowballs as soon as you start. I figured it was just made for modelling enthusiasts for their dioramas.