Arquitectura bioclimática y urbanismo sostenible (volumen II) (Serie No preview Title, Arquitectura bioclimática y urbanismo sostenible, Volume 1. Volume. Arquitectura bioclimática y urbanismo sostenible (volumen II) (Serie No preview Volume ; Volume of Coleccion de Textos Docentes. Contributors. See details and download book: New Release Arquitectura Bioclimática Y Urbanismo Sostenible Volumen Ii Serie Energias Renovables Pdf By Ja Coord.

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Hybrid program of the new complex. The building was going to stop its activities within a few months of the beginning of the project, as the school was going to be arquiteftura into a new building. The program includes urban plazas, retail and catering, rooftop pavilion, YMCA, business hub, mobility hub, housing, and city support area. The project will be further developed in the next months.

In search of new uses Following our conclusions of the urban analysiswe noted the progressive emptying of udbanismo in the Historic Center of Cuenca. Many of the ingredients needed to launch an urban activation project are present on the Banco de Ropa:. It recovers the entrances from the 3 adjacent roads and generates an active and attractive, programmable public space. Key themes and activities identified around the Banco de Ideas. You can see the full documents of this project in our portfolio.

On the other hand, the roof was in poor condition. Cherubino Gambardella, has chosen to investigate the topic of suburbia and its environmentally sustainable developmentstarting from Naples and Campania, at the center of political debate and planning process, aiming then at opening the debate worldwide.

Adaptation of housing typologies to the structural modules in the heritage building. Business Hub Trabajar en el Banyan Hub en contacto directo con la naturaleza.

It is a space of exploration, a place capable of kick-starting the social, cultural and economic activation of the area. A hybrid and flexible building open day and night The Banyan Hub offers in a single building a wide range of different programs, from open and public spaces to reserved and private areas. This is certainly a problem, especially in the afternoon or the evening, when the shops and offices close, and the lack of activity and people in the area becomes more evident.


ecosistema urbano

This space acts as a second natural filter for light and breeze and contributes to the regulation of sosteninle internal temperature through evaporative cooling. Axonometries showing elements to be demolished red and to be added green to the Banco de Ideas.

Residential units are arranged around a shared courtyard, where vegetation will help to refresh the interior micro-climate, maintaining the appropriate temperature and humidity levels to achieve comfort for users. Ecosistema Urbano is among the designers invited to present volumn related to environmental sustainability and urban activation. Profiles identified for the co-management of the Banco de Ideas.

Business Hub Working at the Banyan Hub in close connection to nature. And, as such, it is usually lacking the most basic comfort, accessibility or healthiness.


The rehabilitation of the Febres School urbabismo three main goals, as steps towards the improvement of the Historic Center:. The activities also served to identify the people or groups that arquitecthra be involved in the subsequent management of the space. Metropoli Novissima Exhibition in Naples Category: Banyan Hub A complex program building enveloped by a green permeable skin. Diagramas explicativos de los principales conceptos tras la propuesta del Banco de Ideas.

If you want to know more about this project, we recommend you to check the Biocilmatica Idea Hermosilloand the document with the arquiitectura for the Banco de Ideaswhich you can read below:.

Este es precisamente el rol de un catalizador urbano: Banyan Hub Cross section and night elevation in Olive Ave. One of those spaces is Febres Corderoan emblematic and historical building which had functioned as a school for decades. The programs collaborate with one another, creating a public facilities machine in which each part works separately, but all of them work together to offer the user a superb experience of public-private spaces.


Although the center still continues to bioclkmatica an active space for tourism and commercial activity, the number of residents is decreasing, moving towards the perimeter of the city center.

The downtown core has gone through a rebirth with substantial private investment including commercial and residential development.

bioclimatic | ecosistema urbano

On the other hand, brings a renovated image to the building while maintaining part of its previous shape. Interconnected public spaces The three main public spaces will be connected to provide the experience of having a chameleonic journey through different environments.

The final design and construction systems were devised under the following sustainability criteria: The name and identity of the Banco de Ideas establish a link between its current use as a clothing bank and future use as a cultural, social and economic incubator. The four large opposite entrances facilitate themovement of people, furniture and large objects, and provide physical and visual connection through the building.

In a project as ambitious as Febres Cordero, the most appropriate technical mechanisms must be sought to achieve maximum economic, social and environmental sustainability. Space is activated from the beginning, dividing the construction into 3 phasesThe project is planned in 3 phases.

Our assessment was clear: Also, the school has been an important node of social and economic activity for years on the area. This is the role of an urban catalyst: Improving its physical appearance or incorporating new programmes is not enough. It can clearly be seen from the Cerro de la Campana. October 22, Posted by: The public sector will provide the building on a concession basis and will provide resources for the initial materialization of the physical infrastructure.