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Explanation of abbreviations and terms Abbreviations and special terms used in this regulation 1905-8 explained in the glossary. This would include uniformed and nonuniformed security personnel military, U.

Military personnel may not enforce civil law; however, they will always act to defend the high risk person or themselves wherever they may be.

AR Personal Security

Hostage negotiation teams must be afforded adequate time to conduct training and will be tested at least semiannually using varied scenarios in day and night operations. Negotiations A dialogue between authorities and offenders which has as the ultimate goal the safe release of hostages and surrender of the offenders.

TDA authorities will provide a minimum of two vehicles for team use for each principal being protected. Planning will outline specific guidance on command and control of the hostage situation and coordination of the operation. Impact on New Manning System. The mission of protective services is to protect the principal from assassination, kidnapping, injury, and embarrassment.

Project and protocol officers, security personnel, and arr will be identified and assigned 190-5. Chapter 2 Protective Services 1990-58.


Contents Listed by paragraph and page number. As a minimum, personnel will receive individual and team training, to include evasive driver training. Every phase of a protective service mission must be carefully coordinated with appropriate military, Federal, State, local, and host country agencies.


Security and surveillance of the living quarters and adjacent grounds where the principal is residing.

High risk personnel Personnel who are more likely to be terrorist or criminal targets because of their grade, assignment, symbolic value, vulnerabilities, location, or specific threat. Department of the Army. Establish communications with the abductor xr soon as possible. AR —4 Use of Contingency Limitation. Establish appropriate liaison to provide food and beverages to the abductor and hostages.

Military Police Personal Security. Ensure that the lighting at the scene of action is adequate. Questions with regard to the interpretation of statutes or international agreements will be referred to the servicing judge advocate. AR —30 Military Police Investigations.

Zr will include liaison with neighboring jurisdictions. Training and equipment a. Communicate by telephone or provide the abductor with a communications device. Mark the rooftop of the vehicle.

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This regulation applies to the Active 190-8 and the U. FM 19—20 Law Enforcement Investigations. Memorandums of Agreement or other documentation outlining mutually agreed upon procedures and actions will be maintained with the agency providing the SRT.

Users are invited to send comments and suggested improvements on DA Form Recommended. Hostage Any person held against his or her will as security for the performance of specific actions.

Federal Standard Telecommunications: Users will destroy interim changes upon their expiration dates unless sooner superseded or rescinded. Personnel selected for full-time protective service duties must successfully complete the U. Installation commanders will maintain contingency plans for response to hostage situations. Keep the situation confined and contained, and cleared of all personnel except those specifically authorized in the area. Level 2 high risk personnel do ad warrant assignment of full-time protective services but require such additional office, residential, and travel security measures as deemed appropriate based on local conditions.


This will include running, firing rapidly, and firing from varied and difficult firing positions. Full-time protective services will be provided until the Level 1 high risk person permanently departs the geographical area or the Level 1 high risk 1190-58 is removed. Be prepared to assault the abductor if he or she becomes irrational, destructive, or begins to seriously harm hostages.

In incident planning, address a mobile contingency, even though allowing an 1900-58 to go mobile is not recommended.

Communicate by telephone or provide the. Clear the entire line of fire completely around and outside the hostage incident. Federal, State, local, or host countryphysical barriers, or a combination of both, controlling movement within the area.

Cited in para 3—3. AR —2 Criminal Investigation Activities. Summon medical, engineer, and explosive ordnance disposal EOD support personnel that have appropriate. Hand-held and portable base station frequency modulated FM radios equipped with surveillance packages will be available.