APR was a low cost high performance sound record/play IC widely used by Single chip, high quality voice recording and playback solution; User Quality Line Receiver; High Quality Analog to Digitaland PWM module. Voice Module 60 Sec project will playback and record up to 60 seconds of voice message. This circuit is an This circuit is based on APR IC from Aplus. General Description. The APR devi ce offers true single-chip voice recording, non-volatile storage, and playback capability for 40 to 60 sec- onds.

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GPS provides accurate location and time informa- tion for an unlimited number of people in all weather, day and night, anywhere in the world. This microcontroller has a program in it written in such a way that it accepts the hex file from the PIC compiler and dumps this hex file into the micro- controller which is to be programmed. Press and hold the control button ii. Gener- ally, we put power traces on the top of the board, jump- ing only to the bottom if a part cannot be soldered onto the top plane like a relayand vice- versa.

Proteus is a programmer which itself contains a microcontroller in it other than the one which is to be programmed.

PIC16F is a 40 pin microcontroller. Entire 60 segment is available in a single shot mode.

Voice Recording and Play Back Circuit using APR9600

It stores the data of the current location which it receives from the GPS system, so that it can make use of the data stored to compare with the destination location of the user.


Check on this website http: Can you help me? PIC compiler voive a software in which the machine lan- guage code is written and compiled.

Here is projects called Voice recording and play back using chip APR Abstract — GPS is employed to find the position of the user on the earth.

The procedure is the same as described above in MOD8, and voce keys available in this mode are M1 to M4. Easy Electronic Projects 5. Best Arduino Projects 2. For recording a message we need to press the push button, followed by the selection button. I edit and author this site.

APR Voice Recording Playback Module Support Single Chip – Free Shipping – ThanksBuyer

To record a message in any on of this location, you need to keep the Voie Switch SW10 pressed with one finger and the Segment Switch pressed. According to the datasheet, if you press and hold the message button M1-M8 the message is replayed repeatedly. The project provides four different modes of voice message to be recorded and played, viz i MOD8: This system has been successfully designed and modue using the PIC16F microcontroller.

Microcontroller is the heart of the device.

Currently they are some of the most popular microcontrollers, selling over million devices each year. It should be noted that if a trace is running on the top layer, check with the components to make sure you can get to its pins with a soldering iron.


Pin 13, 14 are used for connecting the crystal oscillator to generate a frequency of about 20MHz. In order to save power supply a bias signal applied to microphone while playing, the ground return of this bias network is connected to normally to open side of record switch.

The IC can be controlled simp- ly using push button keys. You May Also Like.

APR9600 Voice Recording Playback Module Support Single Chip

Sampling rate for a 60 second recording period is 4. This chip have many features like, one can select sample rates with consequent quality and recording times. In this system, the GPS receiver and the control buttons are the input modules to the microcontroller while the Voice module and the LED indicators are the output modules to the microcontroller. Presence of every module has been reasoned out and placed carefully, thus contributing to the best working of the system.

Press the restart button iii.

PIC compiler also apr99600 C language code. Basically, all PIC microcon- trollers offer the following features:. However, by changing an oscillation resistor, a sam- pling rate as high as 8.

Recorded sound is retained even after power supply is removed from the module.