Buy API 12J: SPECIFICATION FOR OIL AND GAS SEPARATORS from SAI Global. Status: Check Published. Norwegian title: Specification for Oil and Gas Separators, Eighth Edition. English title: Specification for Oil and Gas Separators, Eighth. API SPEC 12J: Specification for Oil and Gas Separators. API SPEC 12J. Edition, October Complete Document. Specification for Oil and Gas.

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If the inlet liquid load is low, 1 above may not be important if the mist extractor can handle the liquid. KS as a function of pressure and liquid droplet size for vertical separators with no mist extractor devices [5]. For vertical separators with no mist extractor devices, Chap 11, Vol 2 of the Gas Conditioning and Processing book presents K S as a function of pressure and liquid droplet size [5].

Each segment was fitted to a linear equation in the form of Equation 7 and its regressed coefficients e and f are presented in Tables 3A and 3B for FPS and SI units, respectively. In this TOTM, we will focus on the application of Souders-Brown approach in gas-liquid separators and present diagram, simple correlations 8yh tables to estimate the Souders-Brown equation constant, K S the so called sizing parameter. PetroSkills offers consulting expertise on this subject and many others. August 7, at Mist extractor capacity is defined by the gas velocity at which re-entrainment of the apj collected in the device becomes appreciable.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Sizing of the horizontal separators are more complicated.

Typical mist extractor in a vertical separator [5]. Note for each droplet size a range of K S —values are given for a specified pressure.

The software there does what is not available elsewhere. Table 6 provides vane pack performance characteristics [3, 5, 8]. For more information about such agreements, or product availability as hardcopy, please contact us by phone 67 83 87 editipn or email salg standard. May 30, at 2: You need to log in before adding standards to the monitoring service.


Access to the horizontal separator sizing is by subscription. The two curves for micron droplet size in Figure 2 were divided into 4 and 2 segments based on pressure range for the lower and upper curves, respectively.

If the horizontal gas velocity profile is expected to be fairly uniform would need more details to determine this then 2 might not be a concern either. Start Webshop Product catalog Product presentation.

API Spec 12J

August 23, at 1: Separators covered by this specification may be vertical, spherical, or single editiion double barrel horizontal. The design parameter, K Sin the Souders-Brown equation is an empirical parameter and is a key factor for the sizing the gas-liquid separators vessel diameter as well as for determination of the mist extractor diameter. For more information about these services, visit our website at http: Its value depends on several factors including:.

The mist extractor is the final gas cleaning device in a conventional separator. In the following sections, we will discuss three sources. View all posts by: If the calculated value of K SH by Equation 4 is greater than the maximum value of 0.

Gas-Liquid Separators Sizing Parameter | Campbell Tip of the Month

This is typically characterized by a K S —value, as shown in Equation 2. Thanks for your reply. For practical applications, the first term on the right hand side is replaced by K S. Your email address will not be published. Please contact me to discuss a possible consulting project with your company regarding the design of gas-liquid separators. Table 4 provides a summary of mesh pad characteristics and performance parameters. Read more about subscriptions. August 7, at 8: Leave us a Comment below!


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You might want to look at the applications on my website. Once the maximum, V Gmaxgas velocity through the vessel is determined by Equation 6, one can calculate the required minimum cross sectional area of vessel for gas flow by the 12 equation.

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The drag force, F Dis exerted by flow of gas and gravity force, F Gis exerted by the weight of droplet. April 22, at 9: Schematic of the forces acting on a liquid droplet in the gas phase [5].

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The editioj of a subscription: May 26, at 7: Along with inlet devices.

The K s method, Equation 2, is an empirical approach to estimate the maximum allowable gas velocity to achieve a desired droplet separation.

Entries RSS Recieve follow up comments updates: NOK 1 ,00 excl. If we consider a spherical liquid droplet with a diameter of, D Pin the gas phase two forces as shown in Figure 1 act on it.

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