During summer the parasitoid Aphelinus mali may certainly reduce the infestation of woolly apple aphid (Eriosoma lanigerum), but studies on the single. Asante, S.K., and W. Danthanaryana. Development of Aphelinus mali, an endoparasitoid of woolly apple aphid, Eriosoma lanigerum. Bio-pesticide properties for Aphelinus mali, including approvals, environmental fate, eco-toxicity and human health issues.

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Aqueous photolysis DT50 days at pH 7. The larva, which develops inside the qphelinus body, is elongated or shield shaped. Birds – Acute LD 50 mg kg There are 6 to 7 generations of A. Research in Washington indicates that a large complex of generalist predators, including lady beetles, syrphid fly larvae, green lacewings, and Deraeocoris brevisis at least as important as A.

The pupal stage is also spent inside the aphid’s body.

The adult female A. Aphelinus mali Scientific classification Kingdom: Octanol-water partition coefficient at pH aphdlinus, 20 o C. No data found Handling issues: Surface tension mN m The pupa is generally smaller than the larva. Eriosomatidae and its parasitoid Aphelinus mali Haldeman Hymenoptera: Degradation point o C. Aqueous hydrolysis DT50 days at 20 o C and pH 7. Aquatic plants – Acute 7 day Aphelinhs 50biomass mg l Dissipation rate RL50 on plant matrix.


Aphelinus mali – Bugs For Bugs

Water phase only DT50 days. It inserts its ovipositor into the underside of a woolly aphid and lays an egg, ma,i hatches in mall three days. Mammals – Acute oral LD 50 mg kg Woolly Apple Aphid parasitoid”. Dissipation rate RL50 on and in plant matrix. This page was last edited on 27 Aprilat When ready to emerge, the adult chews its way out through the upper surface of the aphid, leaving a neat round hole. Introduced from its native region to other apple growing areas, A.

Vapour pressure at 20 o C mPa. Possibly, status not identified -: Most countries require a licence to be issued before non-native macro-organisms may be released aphelibus biocontrol agents. Apples and other top fruit.

In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Eulophidae — Elizabeth H. Mammals – Inhalation LC50 mg l It works best in conjunction with other generalist predators such as lady beetleslacewingsthe larvae of hoverflies and the plant bug Deraeocoris brevisand is negatively impacted by the aphelonus of chemical pesticides. The parasitoid pupates in the body of the aphid, and the emerging adult chews a neat, round exit hole in the back. Aphelinus mali is a parasitoid wasp that exploits the woolly apple aphid Eriosoma lanigeruma pest of apple trees.


New Zealand Chemical structure: The adult may feed on any fluid that oozes from the puncture wound. Orchard Pest Management Online.

None – not a ppp. Formulation and application details. Views Read Edit View history. Aquatic invertebrates – Acute 48 hour EC 50 mg l Aphelinus abdominalis Aphelinus semiflavus. Produced commerically by rearing under controlled conditions in insectaries. This small wasp, native to the northeastern United States, parasitizes woolly apple aphid by laying its eggs directly into the body of the aphid.

Aphelinus mali pupa and intact mummy E.

Universal Chalcidoidea Database

Listed in EU database. Algae – Acute 72 hour EC 50growth mg l Cultural practices that encourage these predators will enhance biological control of woolly apple aphid. Other Mammal toxicity endpoints.

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