Apexogenesis of irreversible inflamed young permanent molar using calcium hydroxide gluconate pulpotomy: A case report with review of. pulp, two approaches are possible – apexogenesis or apexification. Apexogenesis is ‘a vital pulp therapy procedure performed to encourage continued phy-. Translated title of the contribution, Apexification, apexogenesis and regenerative endodontic procedures: A review. Language, Italian. Pages, Number.

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Apexogenesis treatment with mineral trioxide aggregate: long-term follow-up of two cases

Giornale Italiano di EndodonziaVol. Maintenance of pulp vitality will allow continued root development along the entire root length. Nonclinical and clinical data will be presented to support the recommendations, and outcomes will be presented from clinical studies.

Radiograph after 7 months showed complete root formation Click here to view. In the first case, the MTA was rrview with a glass-ionomer restorative material; reeview the second case, the MTA was covered with a glass-ionomer cement and restored with composite resin.

Painful pulpitis; a clinical and microscopic study. To present the terapheutical approach to the management of the immature apex and the evolution of materials and techniques. Intraradicular bacteria and fungi in root- filled, asymptomatic human teeth with therapy- resistant periapical lesion: Clinical and histological evaluation of white proroot MTA in direct pulp capping.

How to cite this article: Effective operative magnification and careful caries removal have been identified as important prerequisites for success, 9 with the placement of a bioactive pulp capping material enhancing the innate healing capacity of the human dentalpulp.

Apexification, apexogenesis and regenerative endodontic procedures: A review of the literature

Faraco IM, Holland Apexogenesiw. Using mineral trioxide aggregate as a pulp-capping material. Studies have shown that properties of a pulp capping material such as sealing ability, alkalinity and biocompatibility could be responsible for dentine bridge formation. English pdf Article in xml format Article references How to cite this article Automatic translation.

Walton RE, Torabinejad M. In addition to immune cells, the dental pulp contains odontoblasts, which are specialized cells capable of producing dentin. The NaOCl was then rinsed away with water apexkgenesis a two-way syringe, and the area was blot-dried with sterile cotton pledges. Sealing ability of a mineral trioxide aggregate when used as a root end filling material.


A rubber dam was placed, and a caries indicator dye Sable Seek, Ultradent, South Jordan, UT, USA was applied to facilitate final caries excavation, which was done using a slow-speed carbide revieew in a contra-angle hand piece under 12X microscope magnification Figure 1b. A qualitative x-ray analysis of white and grey mineral trioxide aggregate using compositional imaging. Comparison of the surface hardness among three materials used in an experimental apexification model under moist and dry environments.

Treatment options: apexogenesis and apexification.

Principles and Practice of Endodontics. If the pulp is irreversibly inflamed or necrotic, root-end closure procedures are required when the apex has not fully formed. Dent Clin North Am ; Clinical and radiographic success was reported as all the teeth were asymptomatic, showed signs of vitality, lacked periapical radiolucencies and showed evidence of continued root growth.

Bioactive molecules and the future of pulp therapy. How to cite this URL: An immediate postoperative periapical radiograph showed that the roots of the molar were still immature with large open apices Figure 3a. Under the conditions of this revew, MTA proved to be a reliable pulp-capping material on direct carious exposures in immature permanent teeth using a one-visit protocol.

Recent regeneration procedures may put into discussion the opportunity of apexification in non appexogenesis elements. MTA basically consists of calcium, silica and bismuth oxide, but the two products differ in terms of the presence of aluminum, magnesium and iron GMTA has higher amounts of each.

Radiographic assessment of both teeth in the two case reports demonstrated that the roots had progressed to complete root formation and apex closure, and cold testing confirmed the preservation and maintenance of pulp vitality.

Apexification, apexogenesis and regenerative endodontic procedures: A review

Direct pulp capping treatment: Apexification, apexogenesis and regenerative endodontic procedures: Giornale Italiano di Endodonzia26 3 Management of incompletely formed roots. The teeth remained vital and functional, and no further endodontic intervention was necessary. Response of the pulp of dogs to rwview with mineral trioxide aggregate or a calcium hydroxide cement. Related articles Calcium hydroxide carious exposure chlorhexidine gluconate gel complete pulpotomy young permanent tooth.


Translated title of the contribution Apexification, apexogenesis and regenerative endodontic procedures: The keywords searched were apexogenesis, apexification, pulp regeneration, revascularization.

Calcium hydroxide is the gold standard material used in apexogenesis and apexification. The periodontal ligament around the apical third of the mesial root was still widened. This article will describe requirements for case selection and review the procedures for apexogenesis and apexification in immature permanent teeth.

Spexogenesis by Google Similars in Google. Pulpotomy of carious vital teeth with periapical involvement. The effect of acidity on dislodgement resistance of mineral trioxide apexogejesis and bioaggregate in furcation perforations: Vital pulp therapy on immature teeth allows for continuation apexogenwsis root formation, which leads to apical closure, 10 preservation and maintenance of pulp vitality, 9 stronger root structure and greater structural integrity.

Biocompatibility of surface-sealed dental materials against exposed pulps. The authors confirm that there are no conflicts of interest related to the case reports depicted in this article.

Three-month radiograph showed continued root formation Click here to view. Therapeutic induction of root formation in the exposed incompletely formed tooth with vital pulp. In the absence of a vital pulp, dentin deposition is arrested. The patient was rescheduled for follow up after three months, with instructions to return earlier in case of any discomfort.

Una revisione della letteratura ‘ Minerva Stomatologicavol. Figure 2d depicts the four-year follow-up radiographic image of the asymptomatic tooth.