All about Balta drobulė: romanas by Antanas Skema. LibraryThing is a cataloging and social networking site for booklovers. By his death, Antanas Škėma also vindicated his belief that the absurd and a slave is Antanas Garšva in the novel The White Shroud (Balta drobulė, ). Editions for Balta drobulė: (published in ), (Mass Market Paperback published in ), (Paperback published in ), (Hardcover publish.

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No current Talk conversations about this book. Sign up for LibraryThing to find out whether you’ll like this book. An exquisitely poetic depiction of such suffering we find in the cycle called “Apocalyptic variations” in Saint Inga. The terrible question that this drobu,e must face in his hour of death is this: This deep-seated conflict between the imperative need to belong to the world or, rather, with the world to ultimate reality: When he was in Kaunas he married Janina Solkeviciute, a Polish economist.

His longing grows and takes him Beyond — to the metaphysical dimension, where there is a train, and Srobule, waiting for him and dying forever.

Literary Heritage of Antanas Skema – Rimvydas Silbajoris

Many geniuses were sick. And he clambers up, holding on to his father’s thinning hair, puts one foot on his father’s shoulder, and the military commissar Vasilevsky pulls out his pistol and squeezes the trigger four times. His laughter grows, expands, laughter inundates all the wide open spaces of the earth, the whole world is laughing, choking with laughter.: Two doctors in one.

And he runs to the ladder, he climbs, he shouts hoarsely “God, my God, please show yourself! Death came to both men unexpected at the particular moment, although long-awaited with a terrible, clear-eyed knowledge. A great fire stabs through the walls of the trolley. In The Awakeningfor instance, the Soviet secret police investigator Pijus attempts to force Kazys, his former successful rival and now an underground hero, to betray resistance secrets by torturing Elena, the woman they both love and Kazys has married, before his rival’s very eyes.

In any case, Ignas, like the whole world around him is left in ruins after the first world war. I will not think the way You do not wish. The task of the poet, for him, is to accomplish a miracle — to speak such language that from his words, like from the touch of divine hand, the blind anhanas see batla darkness would change into a world rich with color and form.


Antanas Škėma – Balta drobulė – –

Views Read Edit View history. Fists beat against the windows, the glass shatters in sardius and beryl. In The AwakeningKazys, a Lithuanian rebel against the Soviet rule, put to terrible and revolting torture, also cries that he wants to be human, but in the middle of his cry: This feeling is present in the dialogues, ablta the quarrels — everything is permeated with the expectation of some great love which would embrace everyone, sorrows, sins, revolting vulgarity and all.

Information from the Russian Common Knowledge. The poet’s vision had lighted the heaven full of stars; now he walks through swamps with ugly, misshapen stars reflected in the muddy waters. Death and love appear in many guises, evoke a multitude of emotions, ideas, actions, create and destroy many profound answers to the riddles of the universe. All are only sufferers and through their sins, like through a glass darkly, they search for self-fulfillment, half-blinded with alcohol, antabas and pain.

Inthey all came back to Lithuania. The fairy tales were sad, the mother’s hair was black; she was beautiful and she wore clothes of black satin.

Pijus continues to love both his captives and also secretly hates them both with the fury of the defeated.

Being a poet, he keeps his glance directed to the earth. In The Awakeningthe extreme situation of the qntanas room in Soviet prison forces the actors to destroy each other and themselves, almost like in some nightmarish dance, where Kazys, Pijus and Elena go round and round, holding hands with love and death.

While the world is laughing, Martynukas comes to understand that one must die before he can rise up to God. Today this fruit is already rotten; we don’t know even this much any more, and yet, the punishment droblue on.

Antanas Škėma – Balta drobulė – 2007

Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. In our system man shall acquire his greatest possession: Kazys and Pijus, for instance, locked in desperate combat, show no personal hatred toward each other but rather the solidarity of two actors performing a terrible ritual.


And this is the meaning of the creative life. This is the outer framework, the story line. Now he wants to win his victory by means of the power given him by an ideology which, as he thinks, stands for the immutable laws of history.


But to a poet, love is a hindrance — it provides a shelter, a home, protection from reality, whereas a poet should always remain vulnerable to it, since poetry is pain. It was an absurd way to die and therefore cruelly, ironically appropriate for these men who understood absurdity so well. The Communist god here is quite different from that in The White Shroud ; but, in both instances, the essence of prayer is the same: Lord, help me at least in my death. A walk on Broadway thus becomes the road to Calvary, and every fact of existence contributes to the final agony of the Crucifixion.

Skeja, topaz and chrysoprasus Shoot forth from between the twisted fingers. Perfect suffering is pain beyond enduring, made from the same rare jewels that sksma into the making of the Kingdom antnaas Heaven. Martynukas is a poet because he takes words literally, because he assumes that everyone else understands them the same way, and because in his consciousness there is no anranas line between miracle and reality.

This refusal then destroys his heart. Torn between such contrasts, the narrative often resembles a confused mosaic made nalta of accidental sights and inner visions, of masks and living faces, of past and present, and of distant places continuing the landscape directly before one’s eyes. The deeper his feeling, the greater the suffering.

Kostas brings death to Antanas and himself in revenge for the love he was refused in childhood. Wikipedia in English None.