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Il resto lasciamocelo illustrare dal diretto interessato. I do not investigate, I like to look around and take inspiration from everything around me to create something new. Today I got the chance to take some pictures and do a short video of a piece I finished over one year ago. The tattoo artists involved take part in the Yearbook so they can set up a virtual shop window to display the best they have to offer year after year.

The tattoo was designed to be placed on his back and had to be about the size of a hand, what I did not know was that the client already had two old and ugly tattoos on his back, that made me question the placement of the new one.

His choice fell on the face of a young Mexican model, whose facial features were very much in line with what we itailani to do: I love this type of client: The setting had to be nocturnal but what really impressed me was that she didn’t want anything too realistic but something designed by me. Having determined the subjects he then left me total freedom regarding the design I love this kind of clients: Perhaps, if we had spent less time talking and fooling around we would annusrio been able to work a few more hours during each session reducing the overall completion time.

The desert roses are a tribute to his mother since they are her favourite flower.

I’m pretty sure I could finish the whole octopus in the next sitting and the background in the following one. This is the easiest way to evaluate and exploit the contrast of the old tattoo in favour of the new design and it is roughly the same technique I use for all my biomechanicals, even when cover-ups are not involved. P In short, he wanted to represent four virtues: The woman in the background on the inner arm represents the need for love and tenderness shared by every man, young or old: In short, those two tattoos would have appeared even uglier than they already were, taking away the spotlight from the new one.


A year later this guy came to see me, this time he wanted to get a tattoo across the back. Only after three hours laughing and joking did we realize that time had flown by and that there was work waiting for us. To my proposal he replied saying that he preferred to maintain a dividing strip running down the center just like in the traditional Japanese tattoos.

Manulibera: tatuaggi giapponesi a Milano

What’s more, during the drawing process I got so carried away that I overlooked the fact that the Mad Hatter’s head was turned towards the back of the calf. The paintings and the articles shown here are a selection from the book Tattoo Portraits by Pepewritten by Romina Bicicchi a. No biomechanicals this time, just shading and cherry blossoms, a sort of Japanese sleeve in my own style. The second sitting was dedicated to the flowers.

I suggested to let the woman’s face show a little through her hair to avoid that area being unreadable and too dark. In autumn, however, my client returned and asked me to extend the biomechanical up to his chest. He immediately liked my first draft so all I had to do was finish the design in view of the first session dedicated to the outline.

E cosa intendi esattamente con una definizione del genere? Today I was hoping to be able to finish the sea and sky but after approx.

Jerry Magni – Page 6 – Jerry Magni Tattoo Artist

For your skin demand an Art Piece! In my design one is the head, one is the belly and one is the arms. In short, he wanted to represent four virtues: I’ll reply as soon as possible. Needless to say, that is NOT the case. DIKE This university professor had very clear ideas about what he wanted for his first tattoo.

This client contacted me in asking for a black and grey biomechanical tattoo on his right arm. The skull is, needless to say, a memento mori. A good result all the same, at this pace we may be able to finish it ahead of schedule. Once finished I was looking for an original way to show all the work and I think I succeeded: Write Your Own Review.


Now I just have to confidently wait for the next project since he told me that his aim is to cover himself in biomechs.

But personally I found the idea of the classical anthropomorphic demon to be old and unoriginal. Through andPepe has felt the urge to to paint a series of portraits of tattoo masters who have given their contribution to the history of tattoo art: In this third sitting I was counting to do much more, but I had forgotten how many suckers has an octopus tatatori insert the color around all those “circles” requires some patience, especially among the smallest.

He agreed with me. The one of geckos? Luckily, I was able to hear this sentence because he returned for a tatjatori biomechanical on his left arm: Di sicuro le collaborazioni che sto portando avanti da qualche tempo mi hanno arricchito notevolmente sia dal punto di vista artistico che tecnico. If a lettering is absolutely necessary then let it be a work of art, verbally and graphically, something that decorates the body and not a sort of self vandalization.

He had a mission and he took the time to achieve it, certainly making some sacrifices considering his age and his student status.

You know those days when everything seems to go wrong? He had tatuatorri goal, a wish, assessed what were the necessary steps to wnnuario it, managed his time and money, he stood through the pain without flinching and can now proudly wear something that his peers, and probably even many adults, dream of.

Stay tuned to know when it will be available ; by Jerry Magni. Click on images to enlarge then navigate using arrow keys or swipe on mobile.