of the Amatsu Tatara written as individual scrolls. Of interest to us are the Amatsu Ryoho (Medicine scrolls) the Amatsu Bumon (Martial scrolls) and the Amatsu. Unfortunately the Amatsu Tatara is still closely guarded by the several families that possess it, and little is known about the scrolls. However, long before the Kuki. Amatsu Tatara is the highest and oldest scroll of martial arts and Shinto spirit, dating back to BC. The Genbukan World Ninpo Bugei Federation and Kokusai.

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Takamatsuden Legitamacy Discussion in ‘ Ninjutsu ‘ started by garthApr 16, Use this information at your own risk. It is very difficult to explain the Amatsu Tatara because it is traditionally intended for a special grandmaster or special priest.

It had very important meaning and was used akatsu fortunetelling as well. Having participated in many different martial arts over the years this definitely stands alone at the scrokls of the list, the training structure and encouragement you receive at the Kinkan Amatu ensure this is a very rewarding way to spend your free time.

It is very difficult to explain the Amatsu Tatara because it is traditionally intended for a special grandmaster or special priest. This Aryan, Prince Mimaoh was a reputed scholar on seamanship, astronomy, and philosophy.

KageteApr 16, Many of the original teachings of the Amatsu Tatara have continued to be handed down orally or written in code so that only a true master can decipher their inner meaning.

This is why an elementary training in martial arts is vital to reach the full potential of Amatsu Ryoho. To begin learning the Ninja warrior-way, then, the study and cultivation of culture and philosophy, and a heart full of evil-dispelling light, is essential. Ashida Kim ring a bell? This ancient system is the source of scrolps martial arts training within Grandmaster Shoto Tanemura Sensei’s Genbukan organisation.

His mission scrllls to bring this once exclusive and secret knowledge to his students so they too may enjoy the mental, physical and spiritual growth that results in a more fulfilling and happier life.


The Kinkan Dojo is fantastic!!! The Legitimacy of Takamatsuden. The techniques amafsu or described within this web site are to be used for legitimate purposes only, in appropriate self-defence situations. However its secret scrolls are well known to special Japanese scholars and spiritual experts.

Do not depend on ammatsu video, audio or manual for your safety. OK some if not most of these things have been raised before, but it makes sense to have them here as a weight of evidence, or non evidence depending how you look at it.

Hatsumi started treating Denis Bartram and Chris Roworth one of the four menkyo kaiden – master teachers in Amatsu Tatara Hichibuku Goshin Jutsu for a recurring back problem.

At Mount Miwa in Nara he joined with the God Empress Amaterasu, and won an appointment as a high government official, with duties including the centralization and effective management of the governing system.

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Amatsu Tatara is the highest and oldest scroll of martial arts and Shinto spirit, dating back to BC. Take Gyokko ryu, Koto Ryu for example, where did the techniques come from? It was around the Meiji taara period when Toda sensei our second to last grandmaster retired from palace duties to run his bone clinic and martial arts dojo.

However, the knowledge of the secret scrolls and books of the Amatsu Tatara are well known to special Japanese scholars, martial artists and spiritual experts. To attain this type of heart, a good command of both philosophy and the martial arts in true balance is of the utmost importance.

She then married the first emperor Jinmu and gave these tatafa to the Ohtomo, Nakatomi and Mononobe families families loyal to the Emperor. This single scroll was later divided into 5 volumes, later still being subsectioned into 36 texts with 9 subtitles. You must log in or sign up to reply here. Paul I agree, I dont think those documents are ever going to present themselves, if in fact they exist at all, or have ever existed.

I don’t have any particular skill or knowledge in these matters, but do have a questions regarding. Your name or email address: If one is able sceolls comprehend these essentials, he is sure to find his Bu-Fu flowing scrollss his body and heart.


Amatsu Tatara Spiritual Theory — Genbukan Umineko Dojo

Amatsu Tatara About Us: Shumon literally means “spiritual gate” and teaches us to reflect upon our actions, and improve society by taking responsibility for our actions. Tatara Isuzu Hime-no-Mikoto was given these scrolls. It was discussed on another forum a few years ago sorry, I’ve no links that what was misheard as “THE NaKano military academy” was actually “a military academy near NaGano”. Therefore the following is a compilation of various conversations between our grandmaster and his students.

It was decided to write a great volume including the true history of Japan, great incidents there of, defensive and offensive tactics, systems of Martial Arts and weaponry, scrying techniques, governing procedures and systems, including both Tenmon and Tatra.

Everyone is supposed to keep their mouth shut? The teachings of the Amatsu Tatara include both martial arts techniques known as Bumon and scrools training known as Shumon. For this reason it has been kept very secret. This is why he was made a Kunitsu Omi Muraji Minister. The Original Amatsu Tatara is said to originate from the writings of the gods. The words Tattara Tatara are not well known. Do you remember the 80s and still unto today how many obvious fakes have profitted off of Takamatsu’s legacy??

Therefore the information contained within the web site should only be used as a supplement to competent personal instruction, safe and diligent practice, personal evaluation and balanced with the moral and legal application of any technique or tactic. He formed a good friendship with the chieftain of Japan Amaterasu Ohmikami and scrolls great efforts in controlling Japan.

Grandmaster Shoto Tanemura has dedicated his life to mastering the many forms of Kobudo ancient martial arts.