Full user manuals, quickstart guides and software downloads for NEO and NEO 2 , featuring Full NEO 2 User Manual AlphaSmart , and Dana. Types of Tips in This Manual. .. Manually Adding Students in NEO Manager. Open the AlphaSmart folder, then the AlphaSmart Manager 2 folder. 3. Windows or XP: click Start>Control Panel>System> Hardware tab, then the . Command key and the left arrow moves the cursor to the beginning of the line. • File 1 = 6 pages in length. AlphaSmart Basic (Macintosh) Instructions.

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AlphaSmart FAQ’s

To use, unzip, double click on the. There are no other warranties, express or implied. This warranty does not apply if the AlphaSmart. Summary of Contents for Alphasmart AS Page 1 During this period, if a defect should occur, Intelligent Peripheral Devices will, at its option, repair or replace the AlphaSmart at no charge to you, provided that alpgasmart is returned during the warranty period to Intelligent Peripheral Devices or one of its autho- rized dealers.

The good news is that the other kind is pretty cheap, too. See your dealer for information on pricing and laphasmart. Page 22 To download to other AlphaSmarts, it is not necessary to quit Get Utility and rerun it, just return to Step 4.


The AlphaSmart can be up to three feet 1 meter away to transfer text to and from a computer. NEO Share is our simple wireless text transfer software that allows you to send and receive text between your computer and a set of NEO 2s. Or do I need to find a charging cable?

If your batteries are dead and you have no AC adapter, you can still send your data to your Macintosh or PC. Turn on the AlphaSmart and open the file you want to transfer to the Mac. With Sticky Keys enabled, you can type combination key- strokes without actually pressing the keys simultaneously.

For assistance with choosing the right software or support with setting up, please contact UK Support on or email to support renlearn. Do you think it would work? I wonder if I can take the batteries out and just put regular AA’s in, but it sort of looks like the things that connect those have been manul out. IBM is a registered trademark of International.

Page 24 Send key.

Need cable for Alpha Smart | AlphaSmart – Writing Tools | Flickr

I may get fed up with reaching around too and buy an adapter. See Sending Text to a PC for more information. Open a new empty word processing file. If you wish to update your NEO firmware please use the following guide: Careers Help us to fulfil our mission of accelerating learning for all.


Please be aware that there may be a risk of physical injury due to improper use of your AlphaSmart In order to help reduce this risk of physical injury, read and follow the instructions contained in this section. Getting the most out of your NEO.

Printers with DIP switch settings. This allows the alphasart to recognize the IR enabled AlphaSmart. The keyboard cable supplies power to run the AlphaSmart while attached.

If the AlphaSmart fails to print and your printer has DIP switches for different option settings, alphqsmart your printer user manual and set the DIP switches to the following settings: Any ideas on how to alphasmarh this? You may also contact us by e-mail at. A range of software updates and drivers are available to download. HyperStudio is a trademark of Roger Wagner Pub.

Austruck 11 years ago. I’m wondering if the adapter I got isn’t the right kind, but I don’t think it should matter. Intelligent Peripheral Devices accepts no responsibility for. KeesvL 9 years ago. Got it, continue to print. This button initiates the sending of data from the AlphaSmart to the PC. Microsoft is a registered trademark of.