BONDERITE® M-CR S AERO (ALODINE S) is a brown, metal pre- treatment powdered chemical used to produce a protective coating on aluminum . Alodine* S is a powdered chemical, used for producing paint bonding, corrosion resisting coatings on aluminium and its alloys by either spray or dip. ALODINE S is a powdered chemical used to produce a protective coating on aluminum which minimizes corrosion and provides an improved bond for paint.

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Alodine S comes in a variety of container sizes and quantity pricing may be available. Copy of your activation confirmation email provided after you activate service. It’s not possible to diagnose a finishing problem or the hazards of an operation via these pages.

Part Number Size 10 lb Can. Keep containers closed when not in use. Or if zlodine don’t have an account with us yet, then click here to register. Will this Alodine or color pot metal, such as a carburetor? May 17, A.

You can find them on the web. Any suggestions would be helpful. If not tied into a specification such as the above, it can be diluted 1 part: Service activation is required; mail in one of the following options as proof of service activation: Chemical feed pump parts and other elastomers which may come into contact with the concentrated replenishing chemical should be Viton or Teflon.

Precautionary Information When handling the chemical products used in this process, the first aid and handling recommendations on the Material Safety Data Sheet for each product should be read, understood and followed. If the amount of nitric acid specified is insufficient to maintain the bath pH, the pH will rise causing a reduction in color intensity of the coating.

Alodine S is a powdered chemical used to produce a protective coating on aluminum to minimize corrosion and provide an improved bond for paint.


Most Hazardous Goods are subject to air and international transport fees. If the item that you are trying to ship is deemed Hazmat you may have an additional fee added to your order when you check out.

Questions or comments about MatWeb? Thanks for the response, I apologize for asking a question that was already answered above if only I’d read carefully through your description. Available Properties Processing Temperature.

The optimum pH for this bath is between 1. Fill the tank about three-fourths full with cold water for each gallons of final solution volume add 6. Copy of the sale receipt for a SPOT service certificate available 1200w www.

Alodine versus Alodine S

When carrier USPS is selected, we cannot guarantee this option. As a conversion coating, Alodine S ranges in color from tan to light iridescent gold.

I’ve decided to go ahead and just paint them vs just a clear finish and I’ve heard 1200ss it’s hard to get paint to adhere to Aluminum surfaces. From beautiful Pine Beach New Jersey: II – Click Here for Details. Aluminum with corrosion products or heavy oxide coated surfaces should be treated with a deoxidizer prior to the conversion coating treatment step.

A manufacturer’s certification may be added alodne any order for a small additional charge.

Products with cavities or pockets which trap moisture should be blown dry with clean, compressed air. Users requiring more precise data for scientific or engineering calculations can click on the property value to see the alodinr value as well as raw conversions to equivalent units.

Enough heat usually remains from a hot post treatment to cause heavy gauge articles to dry satisfactorily. Sorry, but things that can go “boom” are hard to ship and we have to pass on our fees. Again, EPDM may be used, but its life will be shorter. As a bath it can be controlled like Alodine S. My main concern is paint adhesion. It’s a bit like asking if you can use yellow house paint on your car because you prefer yellow to its present color, 1200z you’d be better off picking a chromate conversion chemistry that is designed for zinc diecastings.


In certain instances, the pH of the bath will continue to decrease several hours after an addition of nitric acid as the solution seeks equilibrium.

Alodine 1201 versus Alodine 1200S

MatWeb is intended for personal, non-commercial use. Alodine S is a powder, chromate conversion chemical which must be dissolved in water to make a bath, which is then used to chromate 12000s. The AL S can 1200d used anywhere AL is used, but for large amounts of alodinee work or if handling of a liquid is preferred, AL is more convenient.

Open containers in a well ventilated area. The rinse should be continuously overflowed and the overflow should be regulated with the rate of production so that the main body of the rinse never becomes excessively contaminated. The bath temperature is too high. In terms of U. This fee does not cover shipping costs. Click here to view all the property values for this datasheet as they were originally entered into MatWeb. To use toxic materials for purposes for which they are not intended probably isn’t a good idea.

But please note that these solutions are based on chromic acid toxic alpdine carcinogenic “hexavalent chromium”. Applicable regulations covering disposal and discharge of chemicals should be consulted and followed.

The initial charge and replenishment data contained herein are normal for most installations; however, our representative may suggest a deviation from this data if indicated by local conditions.