allama iqbal poetry, allama iqbal urdu english poetry, poem, shikwa, iblees, jawab (Bal-e-Jibril) Masjid-e-Qurtaba (مسجد قرطبہ) The Mosque of Cordoba. Author: Sir Muhammad Iqbal. Publisher: Taj Company. City: Lahore. Year: Classification (DDC): Classification (IAP): 8UA2. Pages: Author: Sir Muhammad Iqbal. Publisher: Iqbal Academy Pakistan. City: Lahore. Year: Classification (DDC): /ا۔ق۔ب. Classification (IAP): 8UA2 .

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Satan thinks he caused concern for Allah. It resides in the Prophet’s heart!

In this poem iqbal describe Muslim rulers who were good for their people he talked about love with Allah and Islam. ALLAH hi alama janta h kon afzal or brha h.

The perfection of Spiritual-Passion awaits times beyond this worldly life; Times still wrapped in mystery! Articles alllama Urdu-language text.

Satan is in a complex of being better, superior to the rest of creations as he demonstrated on the day one of Jibrreel creation by refusing to prostate infront of Adam. From my point of view the translation of above couplets should be as follows: To reward fatwa, it is important to understand the philosophical stance of the poet.


Bal-e-Jibreel By Allama Iqbal

You know that Istikhara is Religious act for before start any work or business or other daily life matter must perform Istikhara for knowing the Allah decision for work is better for us jirbeel not. A great logic in the poetry of Allama Iqbal. As seem when iqbal wrote this poem he went to Muslim golden age. Naeem Akhtar 20 February at Anonymous 30 October at.

ALLAH ne insaan ko sab makhlooqo pr afzal bnaya. I wish, your efforts to spread the message of Iqbal be very successful. The architecture is amazing and it felt so peaceful and pleasantly cool to visit it in the mid afternoon heat. Zamir Anjum 21 September at Really hard to control emotions Anonymous 7 November at From Aolama, the free encyclopedia.

Anonymous 20 June at Satan almia yeh hey keh us ki taqdeer mein he ‘malaoon’ hona likha tha.

But the beauty of his verses is all lost in translation. Hazrat Allama’s every poem is marvelous.


Sarfraz 16 June at This is a miraculous poem. Times whose names are yet cloaked in silence!

Bal-e-Jibril ebooks by Allama Iqbal | Rekhta

Iqbal Urdu Blog 13 July at Its not easy to express it through words. Spiritual-Passion personified as God’s Messenger! His poetry is ball. Welcome to all of you at Online Isitkhara center. Anonymous 20 January at Annemarie Schimmel Arthur J.