Absolution Gap (spoilers!) Warning: this page has many spoilers for Revelation Space, Chasm City, Redemption Ark and Absolution Gap by Alastair Reynolds. Absolution Gap Alastair Reynolds Victor Gollancz UK Hardcover First ISBN Publication Date: Pages; £ Date Reviewed. Alastair Reynolds continues his Revelation Space series with this “first-rate work of science fiction, a thoroughly modern space opera full of dangers and marvels.

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This question contains qbsolution view spoiler [It all comes down to a morality test – does the human race choose to work with evil to destroy evil or do they show a little dignity by not walking down that road. There was the sudden and abeolution one-eighty in Scorpio’s outlook. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: It was painful at times.

A planet that on occasion, temporarily ceases to exist. Conversations abound, but some anticipated action sequences are either glossed over or happen off-screen.

Absolution Gap (spoilers!)

For this reason, many readers — and I am occasionally one of them — wait until a series is complete to start the first book. The Best Books of I guess the difference of opinion is our Absolution Gap. As Reynolds introduces the lighthugger Nostalgia for Infinity and her crew, as the careful construction of his multi-layered plot unfolds, readers can enjoy his ability to always provide just the right level of detail, just the right level of poetry in his prose.


It may not be for everybody, I’ll admit, but Reynolds’ prose seems to fit perfectly in my head; it’s exactly how I want things to sound.

However, Skade has kidnapped her from Khouri’s womb. And even as What a journey this trilogy was! How is one to evaluate a series if one does not know the conclusion? Interestingly enough, the real protagonist for much of ‘Absolution Gap’, and indeed a Reynolds’ future history series is Scorpio, a pig genetically engineered to encompass human intelligence but not privy to many of the advantages of being a full-blooded human in the 28th century.

And for good measure, with just an epilogue gwp, we learn of yet another implacable threat to the galaxy! It uses special indoctrinal viruses to maintain religious faith amongst its supporters, although agp areas, such as Rashmika’s town, are exempt.

Sometimes sci-fi has a habit of raising the stakes past the point where I can connect with what’s happening. The promin One of the very best aspects of the Revelation Space series is that each of the aladtair books in this series Chasm City must be read as With Clavain in self imposed exile for most of that twenty years it has fallen to the hyperpig Scorpio to run things while waiting for the arrival of Remontoire and the Zodiacal Light.

The author’s main fascination seemed to be with alzstair character Scorpio, which I admit is a fascinating character, and Reynolds thoroughly addresses all of the things that make him interesting.


I wasn’t expecting his best work, because I felt I had just read it. I just started House of Suns today.

Apr 10, Bradley rated it it was amazing Shelves: It is not that often for a book to suck me into it so much, driving my whole conscience to the point of developing dominant ideas about it. Notify me of new comments via email. Chasm City or The Prefect. Just think Joffrey plus Iron Throne.

There are two main story arcs in this instalment of the Revelation Space series. This last book alone adds pages to the series.

Absolution Gap (spoilers!)

Vasko would be the protagonist of any other standard space opera, but Reynolds completely loses interest in him about two-thirds of the way through, and his POV just vanishes – even though he is still a central character and audience stand-in! Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

I really feel like his grand concept space opera ideas seem to work better in short story form. A great example of “it’s not the destination, it’s the journey. Clavain again brings the authority of a long life of conflict, much of which we’ve seen absolutjon the pages abeolution City’ and especially ‘Redemption Ark’.

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