AFI 44-121 PDF

Supersedes AFI , 1 January Pages: Distribution: F. This Air Force Instruction (AFI) establishes guidance for the Air Force. Information derived from AFPAMV1 and Air Force Instruction Members of the Air Force are held to the highest standards of. Per AFI , substance abuse education is mandated for: ▫ Member arriving at first permanent duty assignment. ▫ Every new assignment.

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The military judge made the following findings of fact. We agree with the Government that Appellee received an order to report to the orderly room. AFIwhich sets out the Air Force drug abuse prevention and treatment program, encourages members to seek assistance themselves. The military judge did not abuse her discretion when she concluded that the statements by Appellee to MSgt CJ met the requirements to be afforded the limited protection of AFI MSgt CJ then decided to take Appellee to a local hospital for treatment.

ADAPT program helps Airmen overcome alcohol, drug abuse

We agree with the military judge that the facts in this case are distinguishable. Afu can provide support for positive goals. Permitting military judges to sua sponte reconsider rulings that are being appealed under Article 62, UCMJ, and to issue revised opinions prior to authentication makes practical sense.

Rule for Courts-Martial R.

In my view, both the military judge and the majority opinion depart from the plain language of AFI in holding that the relevant inquiry is whether Appellee had received or been notified of an order to provide a 44-1121 sample rather than inquiring whether such an order had been issued. After arriving at the mental health clinic, Capt AD told Appellee that he might want to obtain the services of the area defense counsel ADC.


Taking personal responsibility affects all those desired outcomes. The supervisor told Appellee to report to the orderly room; however neither the supervisor nor TSgt WH were allowed to tell him exactly why he needed to report.

Due to an unrelated emergency work order, the supervisor was unable to go with the first sergeant to the hospital and instead directed SSgt JE to follow MSgt CJ and Appellee to the hospital. Appellee was visibly upset and said something to 44-1221 CJ indicating he wanted to talk about something serious.

Subsequent testing revealed 44-1211 urine contained the metabolites for heroin, marijuana, and lorazepam. We limit Alexander through this ruling. All of these questions are answered pursuant to the standard of review in this case. We rely on donations for our financial security.

Ambiguity does not exist simply because more than one specific example can be enumerated under a broader concept. Bessemer City, U. Similarly, statements made by an accused to friends, family, or co-workers that were independent of protected statements seeking treatment should also not be suppressed. There is no rule of statutory construction that allows for a court to append additional language as it sees fit. Appellee was aafi and said he was mad at himself for damaging his career and that he tried to quit heroin but could not.

United States v. Catano –

We conclude that the military judge did not abuse her discretion. On nine prior occasions, he had provided random urinalysis samples.

Supplemental Findings fai Fact It is clear that, prior to authentication of a record of trial, a military judge may sua sponte reconsider any ruling, except the equivalent of a finding of not guilty.

The decision of how best to vindicate those policy concerns, along with all the other policy concerns relevant to drug abuse prevention and treatment, is the appropriate province of the drafters of the instruction, not this court. Since the drafters were cognizant of the difference between being recommended for separation and being advised of that recommendation, it is rational to infer afu they knew the difference between being ordered to provide a sample and being af of that order.


ADAPT program helps Airmen overcome alcohol, drug abuse > Joint Base San Antonio > News

After the presentation of evidence and argument by counsel, the military judge granted the defense motion on 22 Aprilissuing a five-page ruling. In the subparagraph immediately following the provision relating to orders to provide a sample, AFI lists another exception to voluntariness: Rose said ADAPT wfi emphasizes having plans in place when out drinking, such as having a designated driver or calling for a ride, and to follow the policy.

We agree that the regulatory law requires written notification by the commander, prohibits telephone notification by the trusted agent, and requires the member to be presented with the written letter.

In addition to finding that Appellee never received an order to provide a urine sample as part of the 444-121 testing program, the military judge determined that the issue was not whether Appellee should have known that an aci was forthcoming or when the commander or his designee signed the order, but rather whether Appellee received the order.

For this proposition, the Government relies on United States v.