Feedback. You can give us feedback – comments, critiques, suggestions, etc. Bug reports and feature requests are always welcome. Check out our forums and. This screenshot shows the Aegisub main window with everything open: The two most important areas are the Subtitles Grid and Edit Box. The grid shows all the. By: Karl Blomster. Kanji Timer. Description: A video tutorial demonstrating how the kanji timer can be used to synchronize kanji timing to roomaji timing. By: Niels .

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Shearing is performed after rotation, on the rotated coordinates. The new line will be timed start at 0: The manal line will be timed to start at the first line’s start time and end at the last line’s end time. Any unrecognized text within override blocks is silently ignored, so they are also commonly used for inline comments. If you have an unclosed shape, it will automatically be closed, as the program assumes that you are now drawing a new, independent shape.

The scale given is in percent, so means “original size”. The above seems to be a quote from the lord awgisub the rings, look it up later Actor 2: For example, lines with green background are selected.

Editing subtitles in Aegisub is done in two areas: The first form that does not specify a style will reset to the style defined for the entire line, while the second form, that specifies the name of a stylewill reset the style to that specific style.


You can also right-click the top line of the grid agisub one with the column names to manually select which columns you want to be visible. As it moves, it draws on the area behind it, and when you close the line formed, it fills it with the primary color. This is not the same as setting the font size, as setting the size is subject to font hinting while scaling the text modifies the text shape after hinting.

Starts invisible, fades to almost mxnual opaque, then fades to almost totally invisible. A value bewteen 0 and 1 causes the animation to start fast and end slow.

Editing Subtitles

Perform a shearing perspective distortion transformation of the text. The t1 and t2 parameters specify the time interval to perform the transformation over. Perform a gradual, animated transformation from one style to another. Overview From Aegisub Manual.

Main Page – Aegisub Manual

Enable or disable a subtle softening-effect for the edges of the text. While the subtitle is displayed, it moves at constant speed such that it will arrive at pointat the same time it disappears.

Aegisub stores files in Unicode UTF-8 by default. Rotates the text along the X, Y or Z axis.


Extends the b-spline to x,y. How to do this is outside the scope of this page. The vector drawing versions cannot be wegisub. Right-clicking any other line in the grid gives you the following menu many of the options are also available in other menus: Draws a cubic 3rd degree uniform b-spline to point N. The following columns will be displayed if any line in the script uses them: In the extended version, strength is the number of times to apply the regular effect. For information aefisub the timing of subtitle lines, see working with audio.

Editing subtitles is what Aegisub is made for. The subtitles edit box The edit box is just a plain editing area with a number of associated controls. When you specify times for the movement, the position of the subtitle is as follows:. Open subtitles Open an existing subtitles file or import subtitles from a Matroska container file.

Introduction What is Aegisub? The following agisub rotations produce the same result: Border width cannot be negative.

Commands – Aegisub Manual

The following screenshots illustrate the way alignment affects positioning. For example taken straight from the ASS specs:. Only enabled if you have audio loaded.