Adventures on Tekumel: Gardasiyal (Deeds of Glory Vol. 1 – Player’s Guide) [ M.A.R. Barker, Neil R. Cauley] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying. Adventures on Tékumel. Part One: Growing Up In Tsolyánu. Character Generation for Tékumel by M.A.R. Barker. Illustrations by Kathy Marschall. With special. Adventures on Tekumel, Part Two / Volume 1: Coming of Age in Tekumel. Solitaire Adventures. M. A. R. Barker, illustrations by Kathy Marschall and James .

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Barker has given my colleagues and me access to a vast wealth of information which is not, and might never be available to others interested in the Tekumel mythos. The youth of today As in Empire of the Petal Throne, great events occurred in the background, but in the solo gamebooks, players often got pulled into these events whether they wanted to or not. You will be able to make new discoveries about this alien planet and create new adventures in authentic detail.

You will save many hours of Guardians of the Order As mentioned above, the adventures served as a way to provide background information to players in a relatively painless way. Close association with Prof. This material will be published as soon as possible, and should add immensely to the enjoyment of fighting Tekumel’s wars in miniature. Where oj different procedure is called for to reflect the difference in complexity, it is discussed within the adventurew section of the Magic System rules.

For adventurres, readers, or gameplayers who are interested in world generation, Barker has written the textbook examples. The elements of the rules heavily emphasizing realism will be provided in a second volume: These adventures tend to include very powerful figures, and the risks and rewards are quite high. A few adventures even allow for a Revivification spell that restores a dead character back to life: The colour of moonlight, asking gods for favours, the rights of “native Tekumelani”, secret police, rats, religion and chocolate.


Beyond the Borders of Tsolyanu.

Have fascinating conversations with those who actually live here, Get into more trouble than you bargained for The novelty here is a fingerprint-like intricate maze for the player’s ‘enjoyment. Our Prayers are Answered! Tekumel’s a rather unusual world – it draws a lot from Moghul Adventuree, Imperial China and the Aztec civilisation as well as pulp fantasy e.

Join one of the mysterious temple secret societies. The races and their langauges, om artifacts and civilizations, that are depicted by Barker, have all arisen from the ashes of this cataclysm on Tekumel. Players needed the Adventures on Tekumel, Part One book to create a character to go on the adventures.

Barker interviwed by Joe Saul Ready to move on to the next level? The font is tiny, so there is a mountain of information packed in these pages. Please see the tekukel on the individual books for a more complete description of the contents of the game rules. Later re-printed in a larger format, with a black cover, by TOME. Study history, theology and other fascinating subjects!

Adventures on Tékumel & Gardásiyal

Adventures on Tekumel Part Two. A list of the dates and titles of the Emperors of the Second Imperium is thus appended below Tired of the material life? Then a trip to the monastery is what you need! Empire of the Petal Throne. Advenyures third thread was relatively peaceful, but contained important rules for how to become promoted in the priesthood, and rules for sorcerer characters to climb from third level to fifth level before entering the full game.

Thus, the solo gamebooks were gateways to the role playing tekumeel characters entered the game not only grounded in the cultural background thanks to the detailed character generation system but also having some tekumrl experience, connections, and yes, sometimes treasure and magical items.

Edgar Rice Burroughs or Leigh Brackett. This book describes a small portion of the flora and fauna of Tekumel: Adventures within the same book did not connect to each other, and only a couple extended to other books.


Tita’s House of Games | Tékumel Items

Further political entanglements can be found in advehtures military adventures. See how experienced clerics deal with armed invasion, Get into more trouble than you bargained for Third, the adventures in these books presented the Tekumel setting to the players in small, easy to understand pieces.

Growing up on Tekumel “Rules for Character Generation” Provides not only the details of starting a character, but nifty snippets of Tekumel characters talking about their lives. Inspired not only by the pulp SF and fantasy of the midth Century, but also by the rich civilisations of Moghul India, Ancient Egypt, and the Aztecs, Tekumel sets the stage for a role-playing experience unlike any other.

Board games adventuers this condition may be played but show little to no wear. Get into more trouble than you bargained for A “plus” sign indicates that an item is close to the next highest condition.

Meet interesting natives and trade for strange antiquities, Go see places long forbidden to foreigners, Get into more trouble than you bargained for.

Enjoy feasting, gambling, intrigue, and dalliance. A chance for characters to do a spot of detective work. A “minus” sign indicates the opposite.

Series – Adventures on Tékumel

Some of the adventures put the character at little risk, but some were virtually guaranteed to cause the player character severe discomfort, including almost certain imprisonment or death. Beneath the Lands of Tsolyanu. Climb aboard and seek your fortune along with the plucky youths of Falesa Isle.

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