PDF | Basal cell adenoma of the salivary glands is an uncommon type of monomorphous adenoma. Its most frequent location is the parotid. O-Z: oncocytoma oncocytosis oxyphilic carcinoma papillary adenocarcinoma pleomorphic adenoma polycystic disease polymorphous low. Often women in 30s but any age; 90% occur in parotid gland (represent 60% of parotid tumors; 50% occur in tail, 25% in superficial lobe, 25%.

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Adenocarcinoma ex adenoma pleomorfo de glándula submaxilar

Achados semelhantes foram encontrados em outros estudos 1,8. Minor salivary gland tumours.

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Salivary gland tumour – Wikipedia

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A commentary on the second edition. Artigo recebido em 06 de outubro de Artigo aceito em 05 de maio adenomq All the contents of this journal, except where otherwise noted, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License.

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