A Nation in Making: Being the Reminiscences of Fifty Years of Public Life. Front Cover. Sir Surendranath Banerjea. Oxford University Press, – India – Sir Surendranath Banerjee (Bengali: সুরেন্দ্রনাথ বন্দ্যোপাধ্যায়) (10 November – 6 Banerjee was soon dismissed for making a minor judicial error. and he went on to write the widely acclaimed A Nation in Making, published in In the end, Banerjea lost his job by committing a serious judicial mistake. Sir Surendranath Banerjea (), a foremost political leader of Bengal, dedicated his life to opposing colonialism through moderate but.

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A public meeting was held in Bombay, and the Civil Service Resolutions and Memorial were in substance adopted.

Surendarnath were pioneers in the hitherto untrodden path of Indians entering the Bengal Civil Service. Page 49 – For the first time under British rule, Makinf, with its varied races and religions, had been brought upon the same platform for a common and united effort.

Keshub Chunder Sen, who had never in his life taken part in any political meeting, was persuaded to move the election of the President. I do not know what the practice is to-day ; but inthe passing of the departmental examinations was followed by promotion and increase of pay.

The measure was deemed to be so urgent that the country was not given time to discuss it.

Sir Surendranath Banerjea (Author of A Nation in Making)

nagion Making Britain Discover how South Asians shaped the nation, There was an all-pervading air of discipline in the family. This is not the only time that I have had to perform a public duty under the weight of a great personal bereavement. My duties were indeed multitudinous, but to those of the class-room 1 accorded a special preference. Mazzini had worked through the young. There comes a time when with the added momentum it rolls forward in its triumphant career in geometrical progression.

He was an Anglo-Indian and not very popular, as I soon discovered. He expresses admiration for Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar who helped legalise widow-remarriage. With his great intellectual gifts Thakur was one of the moat amiable of men. It may not be surendranarh of place to reproduce some remarks that I made in this connection in one of my speeches: My tour through Northern India, great as was its political potentialities, was to me a source of unmixed personal pleasure and instruction.


My father was brought up in the Hindu College, where he greatly distinguished himself, and was a favourite pupil of David Hare, one of the surendranatth of English education in Bengal. We were of course few in number and thrown largely in the company of Englishmen.

Babu Kali Churn Banerjee, who, next to the Rev. He used the organization to tackle the issue of the age-limit for Indian students appearing for ICS examinations.

My father was helping hie in every way, but the fact baneerjea to be carefully concealed from my mother, and makinb at last On the eve of my departure the news had aurendranath be broken to her, she fainted away under the shock of what to her was terrible news. I wanted the young men of Bengal to realize their potentialities and to qualify themselves to work for the salvation of their country, but upon lines instinct with the spirit of con- stitutionalism.

The policy pursued in relation to India is dominated by his personal character and his personal sympathies, and is only nanerjea moulded by the general drift of the policy of the party to which he belongs. The leaders of the Indian Association warmly congratulated them- selves on having discovered one who was the first Indian to stand for Parliamentary honours, and who was destined to occupy a leading place in the ranks of our public life.

Sutherland was Magistrate of Sylhet and was my immedi- ate superior. They took the matter up with earnestness and enthusiasm. That is our reading of the situation. I persuaded nattion to start a newspaper at Lahore. From the Bar I was shut out. An effective speaker at the annual sessions of the Indian National Congresswhich first met inhe was twice elected its president in the years before the moderate-extremist split of It showed that a common system of adminis- tration and education had prepared the ground for the realiza- tion of one of our most cherished ideals, namely, united action nattion the different Indian provinces for the fulfilment of our common national aims and aspirations.


My reply was prompt and decisive.

Surendranath Banerjee

Of Hation Babaji it may not be out of place to say a word or two. My father took a personal interest in this part of my education, for, being a doctor, he realized that health is the basis of all success in life.

From the days of my infancy he had formed the idea that education in England would banerjeq helpful to me in life. All three had made the arrangements in secret – Banerjea’s mother was not aware of his trip until the day before. The Indian Association materi- ally helped to promote these ideals. There are few to wipe her tears and to remove the enforced widowhood that is her lot.

The THbune rapidly became a powerful organ of public opinion ; it is now perhaps the most influential Indian journal in the Punjab, and is edited by a gentleman who in his early career was associated with me as a member of the staff of the Bengalee, But it is not the only gift that the Sirdar gave to the Punjab.

The declining popularity of moderate Indian politicians affected Banerjee’s role in Indian politics. John Sime of the University of St. Pundit Iswar Chunder Vidyasagar and Mr. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. A great deal, indeed, depends upon the personality of the Secretary of State for India.

Thank You for Your Contribution! He was always working surendranatn always smiling. Were others to suffer in the future as I had suffered in the past?