2N from Fairchild Semiconductor. Find the PDF Datasheet, Specifications and Distributor Information. 2N Datasheet PDF Download – NPN Transistoor, 2N data sheet. 2N datasheet, 2N pdf, 2N data sheet, datasheet, data sheet, pdf, Central Semiconductor, Leaded Small Signal Transistor General Purpose.

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Condensed catalog SI Siliconix, Inc. The w dissipation rating is said to be dxtasheet highest available in datasheett TO- 3 diamond package. Consider, for example, a type in the high-frequency category. They can be used effec- tively in short-wave converters, medium wave converters and all high frequency applications. Unit is designed as a com- panion to type 2N PIV ratings’are from 50 to 1, volts for the 6 and 12 amp packages.

A3, for example, means the type can be found in the third block of the Audio section. Threaded two-piece construction tightens to grip both sides of transistor weld flange.

General Electric Semicon- ductor Products Dept. For instance, final- phase testing of 4, G. For further details, call your nearest sales office, authorized distributor, or write to Applications Engineering, General Instrument, West John Street, Hicksville, N. For technical data on any member of the J-Series, write to: This insures interchangeability in practical communications circuits. This phenomenon circumvents the pas- sivation advantages of planar designs and results in excessive leakage cur- rents.


Types 2N are avail- able in the T case, and types 2N are available in the TO- 18 case. Either V CE o or Vcbo is listed as a maximum voltage rating. Total function logic Connection oriented packaging Connection oriented batch manufacturing See how these unique features will benefit you. He will be glad to assist you. Special tapered installation tools are available. Higher volt- age units offer substantial savings; over small devices used “in series”.


Whatever your silicon transistor application, evaluate Philco Planar Transistors. A heat-treatable alloy, PD does not lose its high strength characteristics after exposure to high tem- peratures. CL CL co a. And, because they complement each other, extensive circuit simplification is now practical within power applications.

Tl, RCA [ 85 1. The tests may be pro- grammed in any order through an easy-to- use punch card system.

Datasheeets & Application Notes

Base Current, 17 steps from 0. Each tested transistor is automat- ically placed in the appropriate sort bin. Leland Airborne Products Div. Manufactured by the evaporative-fus- ion 2b914 which creates unusually low saturation resistance.

Motorola 2N Datasheet.

You can specify parameters, logic levels. As a switch, or as an amplifier, the type 2N offers capabilities beyond any now avail- able! This is because it is impossible to datassheet the wide variety of test conditions under which characteristics have been meas- ured. These offer impressive savings in time, money and space.

AJ, ge pnp, AJ. As added benefits you’ll enjoy device uniformity, fewer rejects and simplified datasheer. Glass-to-metal seals are said to be datawheet by the package, whose lower beryllia surface provides a direct path from the semiconductor material to a chassis or heat sink. Specifications include an NF of 4. Within each category, types are arranged in order of increasing value of a key design parameter.


Mil lliii mu i 1 2N 2N 2N 2N ill! An equal opportunity employer. But unless you have invested much time and effort on your transistor file, it is bound to contain obsolete types and overlook new ones. Add a Type datasheeet 75 Adapter and you extend the range of col- lector displays 1 0 times and the range of base supply 5 times.

Old-timers know Merck is a basic manufacturer of polycrystalline silicon, with the largest research budget in the dtaasheet during the past half decade.

Write for data sheet and free demonstration. Annular Process — Provides a new degree of freedom from surface effects datasheey adverse environments. Marion and Vine St. Recovery times as low as 0. The best bet is to con- sult the manufacturers’ data sheets before making the final selection. You can be sure MO j 2N Tl pnp.

AJ, ge npn, DM, si pnp. The series is designed for use in high frequency amplifier circuits.