Administrative Processing – (g) is given in this category when visa officer Hello I applied from South Africa I’m a Nigerian I got a g green form it’s a. Consult officer keep my passport but did not take 2×2 photo and gave g slip( light green colour).because i need joint sponcer. They told me. Chances vary from case to case and depend upon the submitted documents. Processing time also varies – some cases are completed within.

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Your application is refused 21g Section g of the Immigration and Nationality Act for mandatory administrative processing. Resent the documents again today. Your inputs will be highly helpful.

Please log in or register to add a comment. Upon submission the case is reconsidered. I was hoping that once they asked for our passports they would process the application soon, but there hasnt been any update. Also, I have been called to embassy with this letter.

Returned petition is received by the NVC. Since then i m stuck in AP. Application needs additional information Pink, White The application is put on hold through g and additional information is requested when Vital information is missing from the application The information provided during the interview conflicts 221f the information provided on the application Not enough information to establish that the visa can be granted Validating host — sponsoring company, university, relation Not enough information or supporting documents from employer 4.


Hi I attended H1-b visa interview last Thursday and was issued a g, your application is going through needed administrative processing. Sorry for the delayed response, it seems based on what you stated there is some for, in your 221f as your daughter has been added, that may have triggered it.

We had this interview where the Consular Officer asked about what am I gonna do in the US, my job and research project that I answered gren as natural as I could be. March 10, at 4: I have same issue at the moment. I went for my interview again since after they told me they are sending back my documents to USCIS for approval.

There are not many alternates, but the few ones available are:. View or Add your g Case! Pls pray for me. March 16, at 6: Already have an account? You just need to wait.

g green slip – Bringing Family Members of Permanent Residents to America – VisaJourney

Also usually how much time it takes to get the visa stamped if given a g green slip? Hi, I went for my interview at grene joburg consulate this morning.

By the grace of the almighty may you get your stamping soon. November 13, at 2: I am currently 23 years but would be turning 24 on June This office will contact you via e-mail.


Apply for a U.S. Visa

Step 2 Go to the nearest Collection Centre. Yesterday I got a blue slip for my b1 visa application. But suggest me what does the returning of my passports means?

They told me submit this as soon as possible. So that is a very good thing!

Please add your g Case for everyone’s benefit. Asked the VO — how long will it take? Did they return your passport? For me, am still waiting on AP since 2 and a half weeks. How many days to over my process? Is there any way to know the current Status? Fingerprints checkbox was checked 2. Step 5 Collection Centre returns your documents and your passport to you at your chosen document delivery pickup location.

Usually issued when the applicant is working at a vendor other than the employer. No, my treen applied for me. I had my interview 3 weeks back in which the officer gave me a white paper stating that your case freen been refused under g of the immigration and Nationality Act. Check H1B Processing times. I was given a green slip requiring my CV which i submitted the very same day on website but there was no acknowledgement.