View and Download Polaris RANGER owner’s manual online. RANGER Offroad Vehicle pdf manual download. Also for: Ranger 6×6 , Ranger Related Manuals for Polaris Ranger RZR EFI. Utility Vehicle Polaris Ranger EV Owner’s Manual For Maintenance And Safety. (68 pages). View and Download Polaris Ranger HD owner’s manual online. Polaris Sales Utility Vehicle Polaris Ranger RZR EFI Manual. ( pages).

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Negative Temperature Coefficient NTC type sensor, as the temperature increases the resistance decreases. Pry the shift lever cover using a suitable tool and remove the screw. Carefully lower the vehicle to the ground. Inspect the bendix bushing C in the mag cover for wear. It is a potential violation of the Clean Air Act if a part supplied by an aftermarket parts manufacturer reduces the effec- tiveness of the vehicle’s emission controls.

Eye Protection Do not depend on eyeglasses or sunglasses for eye protection. Thoroughly clean the cam shaft.


This signal serves as a reference for the control of ignition Bolt timing by the ECU. Push the latch plate into the buckle until it clicks.


Install the gearcase cover. The diagnostic mode is accessible only when the check engine warning indicator activates after the key has been turned on. Route the cable through the retainer at the bottom of the the throttle cable and brake line to the frame.

Owner’s Manuals | Polaris Off-Road Vehicles

The recovery system components are the overflow bottle, radia- tor filler neck, radiator pressure cap and connecting hose. Hardened, cracked or worn valve seals will cause excessive oil consumption and carbon buildup. Fill the fuel tank. Reading should be infinite OL. Remove the wave spring and ball bearing cage assembly the clutch shaft.

Securing a Net Latch 1. Retain the bolts, connector 800 and the corresponding pin terminals at washers, and spacers for installation. Remove the intermediate pinion shaft assembly from the bearing cup and shims from the cover.

Page of Go. Slowly remove the radiator cap. Shock Compression Adjustment Suspension spring preload may be adjusted to suit different riding conditions or vehicle payloads. The sealing surface on the po,aris plug should be clean and free of burrs, nicks or scratches.


Install the reverse clutch assembly onto the park flange. Always use proper safety equipment when Inspect the shaft bearing and replace if required using a shop press.

Inspect cylinder for taper and out of round with a telescoping gauge or a dial bore gauge.

Error codes are not stored. Spring Preload Adjustment The front and rear shocks have a preload adjustment.

Polaris RANGER 800 Owner’s Manual

Use the following procedure when engine removal is required. It contains sulfuric acid. Remove the clutch gear from the gearcase.

Do not perform service on the spark arrestor while the system is hot. RH Hub Clutch Housing Instrument Cluster Speedo B.

Battery charge can be maintained by using a A hot exhaust system and engine can cause serious Polaris battery tender charger or by charging about burns. Shift cable bracket installation is required.