Mercury Mariner Owners Manual [Mercury] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. INCLUDES: OWNERS MANUAL, QUICK REFFERENCE. Tue, 04 Dec GMT mercury mariner owners manual pdf. – View and Download. Mercury Mariner owner’s manual online. Mercury Fri, 07 Dec GMT mercury mariner owners manual pdf. – View and Download. Mercury Mariner owner’s manual online. Mercury

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Fuel pump shut-off switch: The fact that the airbags did not inflate in a collision does not mean that something is wrong with the system. Customer Assistance You can also obtain other information about motor vehicle safety from http: Using a screwdriver or similar tool, carefully pry out the small Brake Transmission Shift Interlock BTSI cover cap located to the right of the gearshift lever. Do not place objects underneath the front passenger seat or between the seat and the center console if equipped.

Summary of Contents for Mercury Mariner Page 1: Under-inflation increases sidewall flexing and rolling resistance, resulting in heat buildup and internal damage to the tire. Add brake fluid If your brake fluid is a little low, learn how to add some here. Page Maintenance and Specifications 1. Batteries contain sulfuric acid. Terms and conditions apply. Power distribution box 6.

Turn Signal Control 5. Set the fan speed to the highest setting.

2005-2011 Mercury Mariner Jack Up How To

All Auction Buy It Now. Utility and four-wheel drive vehicles are not designed for cornering at speeds as high as passenger cars any more than low-slung sports cars are designed to perform satisfactorily under off-road conditions. Fold-away mirrors Fold the side mirrors in carefully when driving through a narrow space, like ownees automatic car wash.

Follow your local authorized standards for disposal.

Page Roadside Emergencies The high-current fuses are coded as follows. Page 55 Driver Controls The tray and inside bin can be removed to open up space to fit a laptop computer, MP3 players, CDs or handbags. The interior lamps will illuminate. Do not stow objects in mrecury back map pocket if equipped or hang objects off seat back if a child is in the front passenger seat.


2011 Mercury Mariner – Owner’s Manual (362 pages)

Before following the procedure, make sure that: On restarting, cranking time will take a few seconds longer than normal. Enter the factory set code. Illumination of the Service engine soon warning light or the temperature warning light, fluid leaks, strange mnaual, smoke or loss of engine power could indicate that the emission control system is not working properly.

Tires, Wheels and Loading If any tire is under-inflated, carefully drive the vehicle to the nearest location mmercury air can be added to the tires. Ford strongly recommends that drivers use extreme caution when using any device that may take their focus off the road. Do not use any special washer fluid such merchry windshield water repellent type fluid or bug wash. Exhaust fumes contain carbon monoxide which can injure your lungs and cause drowsiness and even death. Push control to lower or remove head restraint.


Page Under-inflation is the most common cause of tire failures and may result in severe tire cracking, tread separation or blowoutwith unexpected loss of vehicle control and increased risk of injury. Your vehicle is not a passenger car.

Page Seating and Safety Restraints 2. Page 93 Replacing coded keys can be very costly. Some warning lights will briefly illuminate. Utility vehicles and trucks are not designed for cornering at speeds as high as passenger cars any more than low-slung sports cars are designed to perform satisfactorily under Satellite Radio Information Satellite radio information if equipped Satellite radio channels: Entertainment Systems Otherwise, random play will begin when the current track is finished playing.

Tires, Wheels and Loading The appropriate loading capacity of your vehicle can be limited either by volume capacity how much space is available or by payload capacity how much weight the vehicle should carry.


Page Driving The differences that make your vehicle so versatile also make it handle differently than an ordinary passenger car. Locks and Security Recommended handling of the Integrated Keyhead Transmitter IKT To avoid inadvertently activating the remote entry functions of your vehicle, it is recommended that the Integrated Keyhead Transmitter IKT be handled properly when starting and turning off your vehicle.

Page Seating and Safety Restraints Children and safety belts If the child is the proper size, restrain the child in a safety seat. If your vehicle gets stuck If your vehicle gets stuck in mud or snow it may be rocked out by shifting between forward and mxnual gears, stopping between shifts, in a steady pattern.

Indicates the wheel or rim diameter in inches. If the transmission, transfer case or front axle are submerged in water, their fluids should be checked and changed, if necessary.

Mercury Mariner Jack Up How To – Mercury Mariner L V6

Page 81 Locks and Security Note: Locks and Security Note: Remove the jumper cable from the ground metal surface. Page Seating and Safety Restraints The airbag SRS is designed to activate when the vehicle sustains lateral deceleration sufficient to cause the sensors to close an electrical circuit that initiates airbag inflation.

Page Tires, Wheels and Loading Insert the discs, one at a time, label side up, when prompted. Make sure the maruner lamp switch is in the OFF mecury.

Seating and Safety Restraints The RCM restraints control module mrrcury its own internal circuits and the supplemental airbag electrical system wiring including the impact sensors, the system wiring, the airbag system readiness light, the airbag back up power and the airbag ignitors.

Utility vehicles have significantly higher rollover, rate than other types vehicles, before you drive your vehicle, please read Owner’s Guide carefully.